Nanomedical Demos New Product at the Cove, Revisiting UCI Roots

Making Waves
July 23, 2016 By Applied Innovation

Brett Goldsmith, a UCI alumnus, and his partner, Ross Bundy, have revolutionized the medical field with their company, Nanomedical Diagnostics, or Nanomed.

Based out of San Diego, Nanomed created a graphene-based biosensor called AGILE technology that provides medical professionals with increased diagnostic accuracy and speed at a fraction of the current cost. Graphene, the invention that won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics, is a single atom thick layer of bonded carbon.

Although AGILE technology officially launches in August, Nanomed hosted a demonstration at the Cove to promote their product, answering questions about their product’s uses, origins, and capabilities. They chose the Cove because of its role as one of the premier places for innovation in Southern California, as well as for its personal ties to UCI. The company of 12 employs 3 UCI alumni, and Goldsmith earned his PhD in Physics here in 2008.

“A lot of what I do can be traced back to UCI,” Goldsmit said. “UCI takes a truly progressive, entrepreneur-friendly approach to students and affiliates who are trying to start companies. Having a large university help drive that forward in a way that is IP-friendly, facilities-friendly is really valuable and I expect great things out of Orange County because of it.”