Startup Weekend Orange County

Past Tides
July 23, 2016 By Applied Innovation

Aspiring entrepreneurs from all over Orange County came together at the Cove on June 24th for Startup Weekend Orange County. The event is a competition that puts creative energy and entrepreneurial spirit to the test as teams compete to develop a business model over the span of a weekend. Startup Weekend is a fairly well-known competition, and regularly holds events in a number of different cities and counties in countries all over the world.

On Friday night, participants pitched pre-existing business ideas. The most popular ideas were chosen by competitors, and then they were broken up into fifteen teams to begin development of their startups. Judges warned – half in jest and truth – that the ideas pitched would change completely by the end of the weekend.

Come Sunday, the models pitched by teams were much more developed, including some that were indeed completely different from what they started out as. All fifteen teams pitched their businesses and then answered questions from the four judges, who proceeded to deliberate on winner selection.

We Groove – a Cove Share team – came out on top as the judges’ first choice. We Groove is an app that utilizes a user’s music streaming history to compile playlists for specific situations, such as driving to work or going to the gym. According to We Groove, their use of algorithms and technology from the iPhone to make playlists extremely customized gives it a competitive edge against Spotify’s well-known Discover feature. The team at We Groove is excited about the win and looks forward to growing their business further with help from the Cove.