JLABS IND Application Seminar

Past Tides
August 2, 2016 By Applied Innovation

Johnson & Johnson Innovation and Janssen BioTherapeutics put on a half-day series of presentations that explored the necessary requirements and considerations to achieve a successful biologic Investigational New Drug (IND) Application.

Barry Springer, Vice President and Head of Strategy, Innovation, and Research at Janssen, pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson, began the day talking about Johnson & Johnson’s focus on bringing innovation to consumers. He emphasized the company’s commitment to doctors, nurses, patients, families, employees, diverse communities, and stockholders.

Speaking about JLABS, Johnson & Johnson’s incubator initiative, he said it was “designed to be a turn-key, operationally efficient lab space for life science companies” and meant to “bring entrepreneurs together to build an ecosystem to ultimately grow the biotech community.”

Throughout the day, Springer and other experts including Steven Lang, Tim Coogan, Hugh Davis, and Bethany Paxson gave presentations on topics including Biologic Therapeutics, Toxicology of Biotechnology Products, and Biologic IND Regulatory Aspects. Springer strongly encouraged attendees to take advantage of the experts in the healthcare and bioscience industry available at the seminar. Many attendees took his advice and participated in the extensive Q&A sessions after the presentations.