Past Tides
August 25, 2016 By Applied Innovation

On July 14, 2016, the Cove hosted 118 eighth grade girls from TechTrek for a series of workshops focused on invention and innovation in STEM fields.

TechTrek is a week-long summer program held at eight campuses across California. The goal is to increase female involvement in math and science with an emphasis on fostering a sustained interest in these fields in their later years. Organized by the American Association of University Women, they hosted their first program at Stanford in 1998.

Each participating school nominated several high-achieving girls who were able to choose which campus program to attend. The program demographic is comprised of primarily low-income, Title-1 schools. TechTrek is entirely funded by Verizon and other donations to ensure no girl is unable to  attend due to financial reasons.

Throughout the week of the program, the girls take classes, visit different company sites, and participate in workshops and events geared towards their interests. At the Cove, there was a focus on problem-solving along with perspectives shared from David Ochi of the Blackstone Launchpad and Esosa Agbonwaneten of Cove Share startup Bulletin, among others.

Sylvia Fath, Camp Director of TechTrek UCI, believes the Cove is a great place for the girls to see the impact of innovation firsthand. “It serves as a space for inspiration for the girls, and it germinates a seed for them to continue to think about the world around them and how to improve it.” She hopes a visit to the Cove will become a permanent part of the TechTrek UCI curriculum.


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