Chargepoint – Take Charge Leadership Conference

Past Tides
November 23, 2016 By Hai Truong

On Thursday morning, ChargePoint, a leader in open-network electric vehicle charging stations, brought together a mix of their customers and thought leaders to share their experiences and help shape the future of electric transportation. The conference centered on the theme of urban mobility, challenging attendees to rethink the way people get around in cities. Topics covered during the conference included electric vehicle (EV) industry trends, customer success stories, best practices, overcoming challenges related to EV infrastructure, and the roadmap for Chargepoint moving forward.

Highlights from the first sessions of the day included a talk by actor, Ed Begley Jr., a long-time environmentalist and EV advocate, who shared his perspective on how electric vehicles have evolved over the past forty years. Afterward, Joshua Milus, Administrator for Sunset Bronson Studios, shared a use-case of Chargepoint stations, describing the process for choosing the product, installation, determining their pricing, and how they leveraged Chargepoint’s reporting features to determine what to charge other tenants in their building. Lessons learned from Milus’ implementation included that users of the station adhered to the rules of time-based reservation system–moving their vehicle once it completed charging.

The afternoon session included presentations by Dimitri Shanin, Senior Manager for Sustainability Operations and Social Responsibility Strategy at Raytheon, describing how the company manages EV charging at their six national sites. Shanin also covered what strategies have worked for them in addition to highlighting unique considerations given workplace environmental constraints. Following Shanin’s presentation, Scott Kitcher, President and CEO of Sustain OC, shared the organization’s initiatives in addition to discussing how EVs fit into Orange County’s mix of transportation offerings. Seeing the value of bringing Chargepoint’s Leadership Conference to the Cove, Kitcher was essential in helping facilitate the steps needed to make it happen. Following Kitcher’s remarks was a presentation on Chargepoint’s roadmap both present and future by, Jim Solomon, Director of Product Management for Chargepoint.

Mike Dinucci, Senior Vice President of Sales for Chargepoint, concluded the conference by sharing lessons learned from a multi-family unit, workplace, and retail perspective. Highlights from his examples included feedback from clients stating that tenants renewed the leases for their apartments due to the availability of charging stations. Additionally, Chargepoint’s retail client saw a significant increase in time spent by customers at their store due to available stations. Spotlighting the demographic of growing EV users, Dinucci emphasized the growing movement for EV and left the audience with questions to help decide which charging solution would best serve their needs.

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