From Orange County to Silicon Valley – SF UCI Alumni Event

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November 19, 2016 By Applied Innovation

UCI Alumni from across the bay area attended the inaugural Cocktails & Conversations event that took place at the Catherine Clark Gallery in San Francisco. The event included guest speakers such as Andreas Gal, Ph.D., Former CTO of Mozilla and Founder & CEO of Silk Labs, in addition to Richard Sudek, Executive Director, and Chief Innovation Officer of Applied Innovation. With over ninety people in attendance, Sudek and Gal engaged in conversation on topics ranging from lessons learned from their entrepreneurial pursuits to prevailing trends in the startup world.

Richard Sudek, Executive Director and Chief Innovation Officer, Applied Innovation, speaking to UCI Alumni at Google Headquarters

From Left to Right: Goran Matijasevic Sr. Ast. Vice Chancellor, Alumni & Constituent Relations and Exec Dir, Chief Executive Roundtable, UCI, Kasey Lucas, Associate Director of Development, Special Gifts, Richard Sudek, Executive Director and Chief Innovation Officer, Applied Innovation, Michelle Kim Gorczyca, Events Manager, UCI Alumni Association, Grace Han, Director of Development, Applied Innovation, and Barney Ellis-Perry, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Alumni Relations and Chief Executive Officer, UCI Alumni Association

Earlier in the day, alumni working at companies such as Google and Uber also connected with Sudek and their fellow anteaters through lunch on the Google campus and a site visit to Uber headquarters. Twenty-six alumni attended the lunch at Google in person in addition to a large population who video conferenced in from across the country. Sudek engaged with attendees on ways to further strengthen the ties between alumni in Silicon Valley and the campus at UCI. Results of the discussion included new volunteers and advocates interested in helping students in whatever they way they could.

Overall, feedback from alumni both as attendees and speakers was favorable and a positive indicator of additional events to come.

To learn more about upcoming UCI Alumni Association Events, click the following link: UCI Alumni Association Events Calendar.

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