FunBand Proof of Concept Events a Success

Press Feature
April 28, 2017 By Applied Innovation

The debut of Funband’s tracker, Funloop, occurred over the weekend of April 22. The event took place at a large picnic at Mason Park in Irvine, CA.

There were approximately 200 men, women and children in attendance. The FunBand team were on hand to introduce, explain and demonstrate the prototypes to the curious attendees. Most parents were eager to try the tracker and had fun sending their children to run around while they watched and tracked them on the FunBand’s app. One mother actually lost her child while he was wearing the Funloop wristband. She was able to easily find him using the app and said with relief “it worked – I found him!”

On Sunday April 23, the Funloop system was set up in Children’s Nature Retreat in Alpine, a 20 acre zoo 40 miles outside of San Diego. There was a group there for a birthday with 18 children. The mother in charge was able to download the app and see where all the children wearing the funloop were around the zoo. She commented “I thought it was incredible – I wish I would have thought of it!”

Surveys demonstrated a very positive review of the trackers with 75% of the respondents loving the tracker for providing them with peace of mind, and 85% stating they would definitely recommend it to their friends. They especially loved the fact that they could rent the tracker at a reasonable rate at a venue and not have to worry about it once they were done with their activities.

FunBand is an award winning startup from Irvine, CA with a hassle-free kid tracker that parents can rent at amusement parks to keep track of their kids. The team is made up of UCI MBA graduates: Rehema Feleke CEO, Simon Loo CTO and Mass Mullen CMO. For more information contact: