UCI School of ICS Alum Launches Kickstarter Campaign

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May 1, 2017 By Applied Innovation

UCI School of ICS Alum Launches Kickstarter

On one fateful day in 2015, Neeraj Kumar, UC Irvine alum and software engineer at Google, lost his keys. Kumar tried to find an affordable tracking device that would help him locate his keys, but when his search failed he realized that the solution had been in front of him the entire time — this is when the creation of TAG began. Three months before the 2016 Butterworth Product Development Competition at ICS, where he eventually took first place, Kumar designed TAG with one simple concept in mind: TAG would be a small bluetooth tracker that would help in finding lost items.

Now, a year after winning the Butterworth competition, TAG, a lightweight and waterproof voice controlled bluetooth tracker, has been introduced to the public through a Kickstarter campaign. TAG can be integrated with various voice controlled apps such as Google Now, Google Assistant Home, and Alexa as well as work with the TAG smartphone app to locate lost or stolen items. TAG is currently the most affordable item tracker worldwide and can be found on Kickstarter. Supporters can make a pledge until the end of the campaign in early June and be one of the first people to own a TAG, for only $13 until supplies last, once it is completed near the end of 2017.

Read more about Neeraj’s entrepreneurial journey by reading the full article at http://www.ics.uci.edu/community/news/view_news?id=1158.