Executive Next Practices Institute: Disrupt HR Forum

Past Tides
May 19, 2017 By Natalie Gomez

On April 25, the Cove held the Executive Next Practices (ENP) Forum hosted by Scott Hamilton, President and CEO of ENP. The forum’s attendees represented C-suite executives from at least 15 countries who were strategically seated with peers in different executive positions to promote cross-functional and cross-industry discussion. According to Hamilton, this strategy is the greatest way to lead to disruption and innovation within a company as it offers opportunities to gain insight from other established business leaders. As Hamilton noted, “In today’s market, your next idea isn’t going to necessarily come from your own industry, but from another industry.”

The forum focused on looking at emerging trends to find new concepts that will help move the business community forward. This was done with the help of keynote speaker Richard Ramsey, VP of Human Resources at Walt Disney International, who touched upon strategic foresight – figuring out what future talent in the workplace entails by reading signals, identifying trends, and “ruthlessly” testing assumptions. Thought leaders such as John F. Smith, President of CXC Global; Hayal Koc, Partner and VP of Sales & Business Development for Expertera; and Charles Wilson, Director Executive Interim at Penna Consulting, also presented and encouraged discussion. The forum concluded with table collaborations between attendees on how to enhance their own businesses through evolving workforce demographics, exploring technologies that enhance employee development and communication across global organizations, improving a company’s workforce planning process, and discussing business strategy implications based on the thought leaders’ presentations.