Wayfinder Pitch & Match Event

Past Tides
June 2, 2017 By Grace Wood

On April 13, the Cove hosted the Wayfinder Pitch and Match Event, an opportunity for startups in the Wayfinder program to connect with Experts-in-Residence (EiR). Each team gives one minute pitches to the EiRs to showcase the purpose of their companies and explains how the experts can help moving forward. Juan Felipe Vallejo, New Venture Director, introduced the 29 teams and emphasized the importance of building relationships with the participating entrepreneurs. After thanking the EiRs for their help with the Wayfinder program and highlighting the value of the event, Vallejo welcomed the teams to begin their presentations one by one.

A wide range of startups, from Herbabu, an online Chinese medicine pharmacy, to Desert Farms, a health food company that sells camel milk, presented at the event. Each speaker eloquently described his/her relationship with his/her company and went on to explain the broader goal of the team. In terms of advice and expertise, many people sought help with investment, marketing, networking, and financials. A few had clear monetary goals in mind while others just wanted general advice from an experienced business person. Once the pitches ended, Vallejo asked the EiRs and companies to network with each other in order to acquire the most valuable experience possible.

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