UCI Applied Innovation End of Academic Year Intern Celebration

Past Tides
July 31, 2017 By Applied Innovation

On July 7, UCI Applied Innovation staff held a special event honoring the efforts of interns and fellows, both past and present, who have contributed their time and effort to the organization. Starting with a little more than a handful of interns in the early days of Applied Innovation, the program has grown to more than 25 interns and fellows representing eight schools across UCI.

Supporting a wide range of mission critical functions, Applied Innovation intern responsibilities include support in the following areas:

The Invention Transfer Group (ITG) is a significant component of the Research Translation Group (RTG), and is tasked with helping university faculty, physicians, and researchers understand and navigate the commercialization of their discoveries. ITG offers part-time, paid fellowships to graduate students, post docs, or professional students at UCI a hands-on introduction to university technology transfer and intellectual property management. Under the direction of a licensing officer, fellows assist the office in conducting technology assessments, prior art searches, writing invention summaries, and initiating market research of UCI inventions. This opportunity gives fellows experience analyzing inventions and an understanding of the patenting and commercialization processes while providing an excellent resource to the UCI inventor community.

In addition to technology assessments, ITG fellows are afforded extra opportunities for professional development. Ahmed Khorshid, David Mallin, Kate Rodriguez, and Dr. Carol Pham recently attended and helped represent Applied Innovation at the BIO (Biotechnology Innovation Organization) 2017 International Convention in San Diego, CA. BIO is the world’s largest and most prestigious biotechnology event, drawing industry and academic leaders from more than 76 countries to network and partner toward the development of next generation life science technologies.

Additional ITG Fellowship highlights include the recent graduations of Candice Gellner, awarded a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Sara Pennebaker, awarded a J.D. with a focus on intellectual property, in May 2017. New fellows starting this summer include Jessica Hsieh from professor Wendy Liu’s lab in Biomedical Engineering and Maysam Pessian from the UCI School of Law.

Encouraging professional development throughout their experience at Applied Innovation, students also explore additional opportunities during the summer; including internships at the following organizations: Microsoft, Paramount Pictures, Dialogue Direct, NebulaWorks, and Women for Women International through the UCDC program.

This year’s celebration marks a significant milestone for Applied Innovation as the organization continues to grow and cultivate collaborative, forward-thinking students (both undergraduate and graduate level); moving the needle of progress for innovation across the region forward.

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