Tech in Motion @ the Cove: Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Automation

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August 22, 2017 By Applied Innovation

On July 20, Tech in Motion held a technology panel focused on Artifical Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Automation at the Cove. Filled with a diverse cross-section of the Orange County ecosystem, the event was moderated by UCI Alumnus Neil Sahota, IBM Master Inventor and Worldwide Business Development Leader for the IBM Watson Group. Panelists included Erik Huberman, founder and CEO of Hawke Media; John Fitch, founder of Air Stream; Tony Sarris, founder and principal of N2Semantics; and Andrew Bermudez, co-founder and CEO of Digsy AI.

The focus of the evening’s programming centered on defining AI, expanding beyond machine learning, algorithms, and big data. “The key to AI is pattern recognition,” said Bermudez. “It is an inherent part of how we organize the world.” According to Bermudez, AI, Machine Learning, and Automation can help sales teams outperform competitors by learning what is working well in a sales process and make decisions “faster than ever before.” Huberman added that leveraging these technologies can help marketing organizations identify deficiencies and potentially automate processes.

The event concluded with a Q&A session from the audience including a popular question about how to determine the value that AI could bring to a company. Sarris discussed automation of tasks previously done by a person as an example. He suggested rather than modeling AI on the human brain; a company-centric solution could instead focus on the way a person thinks based on the task. Fitch added that AI presents an opportunity to leverage technology to do things that go beyond what humans can do — as it continuously improves itself.

A stream of the event can be viewed on the Applied Innovation Indi Channel at http://indi.com/956wx.

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