Wayfinder Startup Waterborne Skateboards Launches Kickstarter for Innovative Skateboarding Technology

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December 6, 2017 By Applied Innovation

Wayfinder startup Waterborne Skateboards is maximizing skateboard performance in a cost-friendly solution through their innovative Surf Adapter. The adapter consists of hardware that can be mounted on an existing skateboard within a matter of minutes and change the user experience immediately to one that replicates the sensation and maneuverability of surfing — empowering skaters with increased maneuverability and control of their board. As action sports continue to grow in popularity, the crossover between surfers and skaters has created a new demand for a solution that allows enthusiasts of both sports to transition easily from the beach to the street. Skaters unable to access the beach are now also able to experience the thrill of surfing on land with this new technology. 

The Waterborne team, with guidance from Experts-in-Residence, has refined their product and now has a Kickstarter campaign that started last week.

“My experience in Wayfinder started with introducing me to structure, then giving me access to individuals with business expertise, then capital, and now accountability to my investor board. Anyone or anything is at my fingertips in the Wayfinder program, and that’s enabled me to go from concept to business in a very short year and a half. Without Wayfinder there wouldn’t be Waterborne, so I’m very grateful to the individuals here that have pushed me along,” says Founder of Waterborne Skateboards, Patrick Dumas.

To learn more about Waterborne Skateboards and their Kickstarter campaign, visit http://kck.st/2ALWhRq.

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