UCI Startups Selected to Participate in Prestigious Event Gathering Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors and Other Leaders

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May 8, 2018 By Applied Innovation

Six startups from UCI will participate in the highly anticipated First Look L.A. event, a showcase bringing together an invite-only audience of VC, private equity, angel, and corporate venture firms. A central focus of the event put on by the Los Angeles Venture Association is to support, nurture and stimulate the unique culture in Southern California while furthering L.A.’s position as a center for startups and emerging technology.

Universities from across the region participate in this prestigious event, with a diverse cross-section of companies and technologies represented. UCI will have the largest presence of a single university, with the following companies from the Wayfinder incubator and rest of the UCI community:

CellOnyx – Cellular capacity software solution provider for 3G, 4G, 5G, and IoT networks
OpsGuru – Health clinical management system enabling staff to make better decisions about patient prioritization, staffing levels and facilities expansion
Summit Technology Laboratory – Provides simple tools and solutions to create multi-user interactive projected augmented reality experiences on surfaces of any shape and size, resulting in unique interactive experiences
Charlot Biosciences – Bioengineering tools to accelerate the discovery of biomarkers to identify the presence of early-stage diseases
GlyTR Therapeutics – An early stage biotech company developing an entirely new class of immunotherapeutic anti-cancer molecules and cells
Parthian Energy – Unique hardware and software to predict battery failures before any noticeable changes

To learn more about this event visit https://www.lava.org/events/lavas-first-loo-la.

Visit http://innovation.uci.edu/programs/wayfinder-incubator/ to learn more about the current teams in the Wayfinder incubator.

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