Velox Biosystems: Startup Founded on UCI Technology Continues Growth Trajectory with Rapid Diagnostic Solution for Antibiotic Resistance

July 31, 2018 By Applied Innovation

Velox Biosystems, a startup founded on UCI technology and a graduate of the Wayfinder Incubator program at UCI Applied Innovation, plans to develop and launch a rapid diagnostic product for urinary tract infections (UTI), a problem that affects nearly 50 percent of the population at least once in their lifetime. This decision follows the startup’s completion of a recent clinical feasibility test that yielded impactful clinical data for the company to move forward with the next steps in development.

“Completing the initial clinical study and having exciting clinical results right off the bat, that’s a huge milestone,” said Byron Shen, Ph.D., MBA, CEO of Velox Biosystems. “We can always publish papers, but now we actually have clinical data that demonstrates, through real patient samples, that our technology works.”

Velox is enhancing the testing of UTI detection and assessing potential antibiotic resistance through a simple, fast and unique approach made possible with their innovative diagnostic system.

Since the company’s transition from the Cove @ UCI into a wet lab space in Irvine, Shen indicated that Velox has grown into a more established and scalable company.

“The Cove @ UCI has provided us a great support system that allowed us to grow from a virtual company to a real startup company,” said Shen.

Still located close enough to work with the numerous collaborators at UCI, such as co-founder of Velox, Weian Zhao, associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences, the Velox team regularly engages with the campus on several projects.

“We have also made a lot of progress on several partnership projects with big companies,” said Shen. “Our team has consistently demonstrated that we have a great platform technology that can be valuable for many other applications. These companies have told us that they really appreciate the hard work, scientific rigor and creativity of our team, and they want to continue to work with us.”

Scaling with the organization’s growth, the Velox team has also brought on new member Tim Abram, Ph.D., director of research and development (R&D) for Velox. With the core team now firmly established, Velox is poised to continue making strides as they prepare for future funding rounds and other opportunities such as National Institutes of Health grants to help bring their product to market.

Last fall, the company successfully closed its pre-series A funding round with Decheng Capital, a highly respected and sought-after venture capital firm in the clinical diagnostic space.

Reflecting on the trajectory of the company thus far, Shen stated: “I think we now have a very productive and cohesive team with the core expertise that we need. And everybody is fully invested in the vision of Velox. As we expand, the people on the Velox team today can take more leadership roles as we scale. I’m very proud of what we have accomplished so far and I am truly excited about our future.”

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