New Crowd Detection App to Help Make Campus Parking Easier

October 18, 2018 By Jackie Connor

UCI Applied Innovation startup company Fluxor, LLC has launched their sensor data mobile application exclusively to the UCI campus. Fluxor’s beta version of the mobile application and newly developed platform gathers data via cell phone sensors that helps users make time-saving decisions surrounding daily activities.

Fluxor’s recently launched the beta version of their mobile app, which allows users to detect crowd status on UCI’s campus. Photo: Yuxin Cha

“Our grand vision is to create this data visualization and give you a really simple way to say ‘yeah, I can shave off five minutes from my trip to the store,’” said Aaron Anderson, Fluxor co-founder. “People respond well to maximizing and optimizing their daily lives, so our hope is that we provide this visualization that makes you more

efficient as a human being.”

For the UCI-only launch, the app will help students, faculty and staff determine the campus’ crowd size for areas such as surface lots, the gym, coffee shops, and any other high traffic areas across UCI. UCI’s exclusive experience with the app will help the team’s developers create a user interface that may extend to other universities or large cities.

“We want to tell students, staff and faculty where the crowds are parking,” said Anderson. “When commuter students are coming in, we want to tell them to get to campus because Lot 16A is filling up.”

Using the parking lot as an example of how it will work, the app shows a color-coded status of the area change from green to yellow to red as the lot fills to capacity.

“Our grand vision is to…give you a real simple way to say ‘yeah, I can shave off five minutes from my trip to the store.'”–Fluxor Co-founder Aaron Anderson   Photo: Yuxin Cha

Fluxor joined UCI Applied Innovation’s Wayfinder program this past April. Initially, the app was developed solely for the Android phone. After a market validation study showed approximately 70 percent of their audience used iPhones, the team extended the launch to an Apple iOS platform.

Fluxor hopes to further refine their user interface and is currently looking for 4,500 participants and a $50,000 investment to create a gamified user experience similar to the Pokémon Go craze. The team has partnered with UCI’s Student Life and Leadership department to increase their user base.

“UCI is a microcosm,” said Anderson. “If we can prove our concept at UCI, we can likely port that to any big city, which could include restaurants, beaches and parks. Why not branch out?”

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