New Wayfinder Bootcamp Helps Startups Hit the Ground Running

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October 8, 2018 By Jackie Connor

UCI Applied Innovation’s Wayfinder program has recently incorporated a Wayfinder bootcamp workshop. This training is a one-day, 12 hour intensive workshop – led by in-house Experts-in-Residence (EiR) –and focuses on startup identity, business models, market validation, and more to help startups start off on the right foot.

“The bootcamp is a great opportunity for the Wayfinder teams to start connecting with each other start leveraging the collective wisdom of the community,” said Juan Felipe Vallejo, Applied Innovation’s New Venture Group director. “By engaging with others [who] [are] working on similar goals, the teams not only get different points of view, but they also get motivation and friendly competition that pushes them a bit further that they would have done by themselves.”

Wayfinder cycles occur four times during the year, and lasts as long as six-months for each cycle. The bootcamp occurs at the beginning of every Wayfinder cycle.

“It’s given us the direction to form the structural foundation of the business,” said Aaron Anderson, CEO of Fluxor, a Wayfinder startup company. “When we did the first bootcamp, we realized how inefficient we were being…It was knowing templates, following guidelines, just really clear direction and that was very helpful.”

To find out more information about the Wayfinder program, click here.

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