Waterborne Skateboards Rides the Engineering Wave with the Surf Adapter

January 4, 2019 By Applied Innovation

Since age 14, UCI undergrad Patrick Dumas has been carving up the faces of Newport Beach’s waves as well as hitting the pavement on his beloved skateboard. Dumas’ love of surfing and skateboarding, combined with his innovative inclinations, paved the way for Waterborne Skateboards.

“A friend challenged me to enhance his skateboard,” said Dumas. “That’s what sparked a wave of prototyping that became Waterborne Skateboards. Riding our skateboards is one half of the fun and designing them is the other half. Making money is a coincidental benefit.”

Pictured is Waterborne’s Scorpio model skateboard with the blue Surf Adapter. Photo courtesy of: Waterborne Skateboards

Waterborne Skateboards incorporates Dumas’ passion for surf and design by creating and selling the Surf Adapter, which is a skateboard part that fits onto any board deck and allows skateboarders to experience the gliding sensation of surfing a wave while on land. Helping the dream become reality was UCI Applied Innovation’s Wayfinder program, which the company joined in 2016 to help them create their startup and hit the necessary milestones.

Additionally, Waterborne Skateboards led a successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised over $42,000 within 22 days, and Dumas received the Maschoff Brennan Innovator Scholarship of $2,500 for outstanding innovation and recently closed his first round of funding from angel investors.

“Waterborne has been everything I could have ever hoped for,” said Dumas. “It’s kind of like a dream that came to fruition.”

Dumas wants to continue to maintain connections at the Cove @ UCI to support his goal of turning Waterborne into a globally recognized brand. He aims to create more strategic partnerships in the retail industry within the next year and currently boasts a chief financial officer, an advisory board and a team of web design interns.

For more information on Waterborne Skateboards, click here.

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