Balloons, Banners and Banquets: Celebrate in a Snap Has Your Party … in a Box

February 22, 2019 By Grace Wood

Anyone who has thrown a party knows that the stress of planning can ruin the fun. You have to pick a theme and then scramble to find the perfect decorations and supplies. UCI Applied Innovation startup company Celebrate in a Snap, however, brings the party to you – wrapped up in a box.

Celebrate in a Snap is a party planning company that gathers all the essentials into a convenient “party box.” Each box comes with biodegradable utensils, paper plates, paper napkins and a disposable lace-print tablecloth. The company incorporates different party themes, like birthdays, holidays or custom celebrations, which include supplies like balloons, banners, candles and centerpiece cards in the box.

The Lunar New Year themed Party Box features red and gold decorations, like a festive banner. Photo: Michelle Mar

“I saw that themed party celebrations was something that was really catching on, thanks to social media, because everybody wants to share their experiences,” said Jyothi Pradhan, founder. “At the same time, people don’t have time and they want convenience and that’s how the party in a box started.”

Pradhan developed Celebrate in a Snap after a yearlong hiatus from the UCI MBA program. Upon her return to the program, Pradhan combined her passion for entrepreneurship with her love of party planning. She built a team of fellow UCI MBA students and entered the UCI New Venture Competition, where the team won first place in the B2B category in May 2018.

During the competition, Pradhan accessed the Student Startup Fund to help create the prototype of her product. After joining Applied Innovation’s Wayfinder Program, the Student Startup Fund supported a lean model approach to test new designs at a lower overall cost than that of mass production.

In addition to the benefits of the Student Startup Fund, Pradhan accesses the resources from Applied Innovation, like the I-Corps program, Innovation Advisors and also utilizes the 3D printers and laser cutters available in the Cove Labs to make keychain collectibles for the party boxes.

“From marketing, to the I-Corps, to the Wayfinder, I’ve been able to interact with a lot of different staff within the Cove to help us get to the next level,” said Pradhan.

Pradhan hopes to make Celebrate in a Snap the default party brand for all types of events. To learn more about this startup company or to order a party box, click here.




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