Chores No Longer a Chore with NeighborING

March 8, 2019 By Grace Wood

A surplus of chores could mean the loss of a day for any busy person. And, if you’re a full-time student, finding the time to work and make money is hard to fit into your schedule. NeighborING, a chore connection service, recognizes these issues and consolidates them into a mutually-beneficial business.

Josh Mundell, founder and chief executive officer, thought of the idea as an undergraduate at Concordia University, where he played on the water polo team. As a full-time student-athlete, Mundell could not maintain a part-time job. Any income Mundell made during the school year would come from helping his neighbors with their chores. He realized that other college students might also struggle with busy schedules and a need for extra cash. Along with two classmates, Mundell began NeighborING as a way to aid his community and his peers.

People in need of a service create an account on the website, and list a chore they need help with. Students, who are background checked, then choose a chore to help the inquiring client. NeighborING charges a flat rate of $22 an hour for chores and takes a percentage, and pays the rest of the money to the students.

“Students need it a lot and it’s not one sided either,” said Mundell. “Coming from this community, my real goal was just let’s all get together and help each other.”

Irvine Valley College student Christina Hammand-Guzman helps in a move through startup company, NeighborING. Photo courtesy of: NeighborING

NeighborING has worked with students from 11 of the 13 universities located in Orange County, including UC Irvine, Concordia, Vanguard, Chapman and Cal State Fullerton. So far, NeighborING has helped students earn more than $25,000 in income —a point of pride for the company. In the future, they hope to gain more traction within Orange County and expand their service into more colleges and universities located throughout the Southern California region.

NeighborING joined UCI Applied Innovation’s Wayfinder program in 2017, where the team connected with Innovation Advisors and attended events and workshops. As first-time entrepreneurs, the NeighborING team used Applied Innovation’s resources and in-house guidance for everything, from their business plans to their workspace.

“They really gave us… the rounded experience with all the tools—especially the ecosystem too,” said Mundell. “It’s just a good environment for startups.”

Ultimately, NeighborING lends a helping hand to both college students and the neighbors in their surrounding communities.

“I think things will start changing with being able to depend on the people around you,” said Mundell. “This is a great way to do it. We are very passionate about the Golden Rule: treating others the way you’d like to be treated.”

Learn more or request a chore here.

*Cover photo: (left) Concordia University student, Joey Mash and UC Irvine student, Sterling Williams.
Photo courtesy of: NeighborING

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