SimRated Makes Waves in the Medical World

June 3, 2019 By Jennifer Garcia


With over 1,500 hours of simulation exams and more than 350 documented procedures done successfully on real patients, SimRated may be a new kid at the beach, but they took to the entrepreneurial wave with ease.

SimRated is a web-based learning tool that provides practicing clinicians and schools a simulation-based program to teach, train and evaluate medical procedures.

The use of simulation increases the learners’ confidence in various procedures before being tested and expert SimRated raters provide evaluation and feedback on performance. This makes it the main draw of the program.

Dr. Cameron Ricks, CEO of SimRated and Medical Director of the Medical Education Simulation Center at UC Irvine, built the company with the intention of improving medical procedure competency within the clinical setting.

“I was able to see through my experience, as a nurse, how physicians practice and nurses practice and the complications associated with procedures,” said Ricks. “I think that the [current] learning methodology could be more efficient and effective.”

An example of a course screen used for training.                                                Photo Courtesy of: SimRated. 

SimRated has been part of the Wayfinder program at the Cove @ UCI Beall Applied Innovation for two years. The team, including co-founders Michael Ma and Keith Beaulieu, utilizes the facility and resources available such as the meeting rooms, pitch and match competitions, and innovation advisor network.

“They’ve [Wayfinder] introduced us to personnel or entrepreneurs who can help us with guidance and advice,” said Ricks.

While at the Cove, the team also recently applied for a Small Business Technology Transfer grant, which, if received, will also help fund a study that will determine users’ competency in procedures.

A certain degree of risk and interest go into the decision of which courses to add and that depends on marketing research of each subgroup. High school students might be interested in how to do sutures whereas a resident physician might want to learn more about thoracentesis, a procedure used to remove fluid from around the lungs.

“We are adding more courses and we’re actually eliciting other physicians to help us create courses,” said Ricks.

The team recently signed a licensing agreement with UC Irvine that allows them to train their customers using some of the same curriculum that the university uses. They beta tested their product at UC Irvine and are currently marketing and looking to further their customer base.

“We set the bar much higher by taking it to the next level of know-how,” said Ricks. “Participants have shown with the actual equipment that they can perform the procedure on a mannequin before they perform on a patient.”

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*Featured Photo courtesy of: SimRated.
Pictured: from left to right co-founder Michael Ma, founder and CEO Cameron Ricks and co-founder Keith Beaulieu.



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