Without Further Ado, Meet Wayfinder’s Newest Group

August 1, 2019 By Grace Wood

An idea can become reality with the help of UCI Beall Applied Innovation. Through their Wayfinder program, UC Irvine-affiliated startups are given tools to develop and refine their companies.

Recently, four new startup teams joined the program and their services range from the environmentally minded to the fashionably forward.

Allow us to introduce them:

1. Volunteer Crowd
Volunteer Crowd is an app- and web-based startup that helps connect students to volunteer opportunities in their areas. Volunteer Crowd targets those who need volunteer work for school or job applications by building a verified volunteer transcript that tracks projects.

2. CenSyn
CenSyn, a student startup team from the Henry Samueli School of Engineering, provides a quick, efficient and accessible electroencephalogram device (EEG) to monitor brain health in emergency situations. An EEG is a noninvasive device that monitors the brain’s electrical patterns, according to Mayo Clinic. CenSyn recently won $4,000 and placed first in the “Win the Future” track of the 2019 New Venture Competition.

3. Swappit
Swappit is an app-based platform that facilitates the sale of pre-owned luxury clothing brands, with an authenticity guarantee. As a result, customers can buy high-end products at lower prices – all in one marketplace.

4. Bottle Built
Bottle Built is a sustainable brand that uses recyclable California Refund Value plastic as a key building material in rapid, modular housing for more eco-friendly homes and construction supplies.
Wayfinder provides startup teams will office space, mentorship opportunities and access to relevant events. Teams can work with Innovation Advisors related to their fields to perfect their companies and gain expert guidance to grow competitively in the marketplace.
Learn more about the Wayfinder program, as well as Applied Innovation’s other programs and services.

Featured Photo: The latest Wayfinder startup companies pitch their companies during a Wayfinder Pitch & Match event.
Photo by: Rthura Cevallos

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