Innovation Draws C-Suite and Senior Executives to the Cove @ UCI

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November 5, 2019 By Ethan Perez

Amplifying the next big idea and learning how to prepare for a changing workforce were some of the top discussion points at an invite-only event recently held at the Cove @ UCI Beall Applied Innovation for C-suite and senior executives.

Hosted by 41 Orange, a marketing agency based in San Diego, California, the event focused on topics about innovation and technology, including the economic benefits of founder-friendly ecosystems, the importance of on-demand innovation and recognizing opportunities.

Driven by his passion for education and innovation, CEO and co-founder of 41 Orange Gregg Anderson organized the event to connect business leaders with diverse and unique backgrounds and to share knowledge.

This included five guest speakers: Neal Bloom, founder of Fresh Brewed Tech and Fresh Squeezed Tech; Michael Sikorsky, CEO and co-founder of Robots & Pencils; David Meltzer, CEO and co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing; Jonathan Reynolds, CEO of Titus Talent; and Rob Rader, senior vice president of WindWater Real Estate.

Bloom, a mechanical and aerospace engineer by training, works extensively to help entrepreneurs and companies grow and succeed in Southern California.

In his presentation, he called attention to the two types of ecosystem needs that benefit entrepreneurs.

The most well-defined needs are funding, talent, customers and service providers, which can be found in most startup ecosystems. The other needs, which tend to make or break an ecosystem, are community focused and are harder to find. These include sage advice, focused events and collaboration, and Bloom argued that helping your fellow entrepreneur with these needs is vital to building the innovation ecosystem in Southern California.

“As entrepreneurs, we’re told to put blinders on, stay focused, build the best company, and that’s the best thing for the community,” said Bloom. “But giving back is imperative and that’s really what we’re starting to see is helping advance the Southern California ecosystem.”

Get involved or attend an event at Applied Innovation to be a part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Orange County.

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