How to Initiate a Sponsored Research
or Other Project with UCI

The Process

Typically, the investigator and the sponsor connect to discuss ideas for a collaboration or project, and agree on a scope of work and budget.

Requesting a Proposal

The proposal process can result from informal discussions between the investigator and the sponsor, or can be in response to a formal request for proposals. Sponsor guidelines, if they exist, should be provided to the investigator. For federal flow-through funding, this is the request for proposals or agency announcement. UCI will need to know if the sponsor or prime sponsor has a deadline for receipt of the proposal.


A proposal generally consists of the sponsor’s guidelines, a scope of work, a budget, and any other documentation required by the sponsor (e.g., cover letter, biographical sketches, etc.). The proposal is submitted for internal approval at UCI by the investigator and may include additional documents required for UCI review, such as conflict of interest disclosure forms.

Research Agreement

A research agreement is negotiated once the sponsor has decided to fund the proposal. We have a variety of agreements we use to cover the various activities undertaken by our investigators.

How to Initiate a Material Transfer with UCI

The Process

If your non-profit institution has signed the Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement, please do the following:

Companies and all other non-profit institutions, please do the following:

Following receipt of either the Uniform Letter or the Material Transfer Agreement, we will alert the faculty researcher that it is now appropriate to send the materials.

Learn about other types of agreements handled by ISR: Industry Sponsored Research – Agreement Types