Researcher Guide to Industry Funded Research

Compliance Approvals

As Applicable to Each Project:


Roles of the Investigator, Department Personnel and the Industry Contract Officer

  • Investigator/department personnel: Prepare and submit regulatory compliance documentation; track to ensure approval granted by the date negotiation of an agreement is completed
  • Industry Contract Officer: Verify required compliance approvals are in place prior to execution of an agreement and release of funds

Award Negotiation and Set Up


  • The Industry Contract Officers negotiate with sponsors to ensure the resulting agreements meet the needs of the sponsors and the investigators as well as comply with University policy. ISR is structured with efficiency in mind consistent with Applied Innovation’s mandate to work at the speed of business.
  • Agreement Types: Please see our Agreement Types page

Issuance of a Synopsis

  • Upon execution of the agreement, the Industry Contract Officer will issue a synopsis (a summary of the agreement) and include access to the agreement through the Electronic Synopsis Distribution System.

Post-Award Management

Project Performance:

As detailed in the agreement and any exhibits or attachments to the agreement, investigator and department personnel responsibilities generally include the following:

  • Meeting deliverable requirements
  • Meeting reporting requirements
  • Managing spend rates, ensuring allowability of costs, checking timeliness of invoicing and payment, and notifying ISR when expenditures will reach 75% of total obligated funding if required by a federal flow-through subcontract

Other Post-Award Considerations

  • No cost time extensions: When the project will not be completed by the end of the period of performance specified in the agreement, the agreement can be amended by UCI and the sponsor to extend the end date without additional funding.  
  • Other modifications to the agreement: The sponsor and UCI can modify the agreement to accommodate changes, such as altering the deliverables schedule, etc.
  • Closeout: For UCI obligations regarding closeout of a project, please see

Researcher Guide to Material Transfers

In order to enhance campus research and increase research collaboration with industry and other academic institutions, UCI encourages the transfer of biological and other research materials to and from our campus. Physical transfer of regulated materials (i.e., radioactive, hazardous or controlled substances or biohazardous agents) must be done in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Any receipt of such materials by UCI must also comply with these regulations.

Before proprietary or valuable material changes hands, a material transfer agreement should be in place. This protects the rights of both parties and ensures agreement on subsequent use, care and further distribution of the material. ISR is responsible for negotiating and executing these agreements on behalf of UCI.

Outgoing Material Transfers

Incoming Material Transfers