Partners in a shared ecosystem.

The people and experiences in your life make you who you are today. It starts with a fortuitous encounter—a collision in time—and leaves you forever changed.


What if you could increase the likelihood of these collisions and make them more valuable to your business? That’s what The Cove is all about.


By carefully curating an environment to turn these collisions into a powerful force for development, we are supplying the necessary factors for enterprise success:

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Connecting innovative ideas with critical resources

Orchestrating the necessary introductions for IPOs and acquisitions

Increasing the probability of valuable business outcomes through physical proximity

A fluid microcosm.

A fluid microcosm of the OC startup ecosystem, participants at The Cove supply the expertise and resources necessary for successful ventures to grow.


Our residents include:
  • Investors
  • Incubators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Mentors
  • UCI affiliated teams
  • And more


Through our Experts-in-Residence (EiR) program, entrepreneurs receive experienced insight from carefully curated teams of mentors.


Volunteering their time to give back to Orange County's business community, our EiRs include:


Funding is the fuel necessary to turn great ideas into profitable business. Applied Innovation builds relationships across the funding continuum, to ensure local entrepreneurs are able to connect with sources of capital appropriate to their stage of development:

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Extended Network

Orange County is a rapidly-evolving hotbed of startup activity, with dozens of dynamic organizations and micro-communities at the heart of this transformation. We look to this community to support and promote our network to others who would benefit.


If you are an active member or organizer of such an organization, please reach out to discuss ways we can work together to make OC a better place to do business.

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