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Lunch and Learn with Jim McComb

February 16, 2018

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Uncertainty is the most significant source of both challenge and opportunity confronting every business in the world today. Yet, when planning and formulating strategy, most management teams focus on their visions for the company’s future without fully realizing the uncertainty that could either destroy or enhance those visions. Although strategic planning typically includes a SWOT analysis or an environmental assessment, the opportunities and threats identified through those exercises usually come from sources of information already known to management. This information is critically important, but often falls short when planning for the impact of unexpected and disruptive events known as wild cards. This Lunch & Learn leads participants through a process of anticipating, predicting, preparing for and managing specific plausible wild card events, circumstances and technologies. The wild card management process will better prepare you to accomplish (or exceed) your vision by positioning your company to leverage unexpected opportunities and handle unexpected threats before competitors even know they’re on the horizon.

Check-in 11:30 am Open to UCI students, staff & faculty, alumni, startups, spinoffs & Cove EiRs.

Previous Lunch & Learn presentations are available on our SlideShare website.

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