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Disruptive Scalability – Leap Growth for Exponential Returns

September 7, 2018

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Build a business designed to fuel by itself its own rapid growth. How cool is that?

The magnitude and pace of change in markets have undermined traditional growth & scale models for business. Companies need to combine greater agility with new types of scale advantage to compete more effectively. Additionally, companies must be designed to handle platform “leap growth” at the critical stages ($1 million revenue to the 2nd million, $5m to $20m, $50mil to $200m etc).
Building in “agile” scalability can dramatically affect how your company is able to handle sustained periods of growth. In fact, this is probably the right way to think about scalability – what is needed so that you can fully exploit sustained periods of growth with minimal risk and disruption to your business.

Hamilton will share the 5 critical elements to “new” scalability and leap growth- from the initial business design to strategic execution. This session will also cover the critical components of acquiring the deeper talent at the right time, building a capital staircase, identifying your market influence channels and sustained, velocity-oriented implementation as well as a word about staying the course and knowing when to pivot.

This highly interactive and prescriptive session is designed for both start-ups as well as established, platform level enterprises (mid and large cap).

The Lunch & Learn event is an opportunity for Experts-in-Residence (EiRs) to present informal talks and Q&As with startup teams working at the Cove. The talks will cover such diverse topics as branding, marketing, pitching mistakes to avoid, investor relations, and prototyping.

Check-in 11:30 am
Open to UCI students, staff & faculty, alumni, startups, spinoffs & Cove EiRs.

Previous Lunch & Learn presentations are available on our SlideShare website and YouTube channel.

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