OC Cove Workspace




Business planning and consulting
The OC Cove provides Wayfinder teams with a network of expert mentors and industry professionals to help assess startup strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential threats; assist in the development of startup business models; and, connect teams to the right resources to move their startup forward.

Legal and IP consulting
Intellectual property is often one of the most unique and crucial elements of a startup. Protecting this, and other areas of a growing business and its members requires legal advice and action. Through the Cove @ UCI, OC Cove has access to experts who deal with intellectual property protection through our Research Translation Group, as well as an extended network of legal advisors, as needed.

Workspace and equipment for startups
Most startups face challenges when seeking affordable offices, workshops or labs. In addition, many lack the funds to purchase the equipment needed to develop and prototype ideas. OC Cove provides not only an open workspace, but also houses 3D printers, CNC machines, laser cutters, and other rapid prototyping equipment.

Venture and seed funding
Focused on providing funding at every stage of startup development, the Cove @ UCI has intentionally cultivated a broad funding network. As part of this environment, teams working inside the OC Cove workspace benefit from proximity and involvement from venture capital firms, angel investor groups and industry partners who have planted a flag at the Cove @ UCI.

Grant and scholarship assistance
Government grants and scholarships are an overlooked funding resource available to startups. We have dedicated staff to assist in the application process, the development of targeted proposals, as well as to facilitate connections and meetings with key individuals.

Workshops and education
OC Cove is connected with the Cove @ UCI – a venue holding more than 700 events a year. Events range from internal and external pitch events to business seminars to startup and innovation workshops to career development meetings. Teams working within the OC Cove workspace have first-hand access to these public events.