ANTrepreneur Center

ANTrepreneur Center

UCI ANTrepreneur Center was founded at University of California, Irvine in 2014 with the mission of integrating entrepreneurial and innovative thinking into the UC Irvine campus and to UC Irvine students in starting new ventures. Our center provides free mentorship with integrative learning opportunities.

The UCI ANTrepreneur Center aims to target students who:

  • Just have an idea – we will help you funnel down your ideas into a simple problem, market, and solution, guiding you to create an initial roadmap.
  • Are curious about entrepreneurship – we host entrepreneurial events every day to help plug students into the entrepreneurship ecosystem!


UCI ANTrepreneur Center strives to not only help students develop entrepreneurial skills, but also to enable them to pursue success in their ventures.



Visit the ANTrepreneur Center website: