Student Startup Fund



The Student Startup Fund provides micro-grants to UCI degree-seeking students and alumni within 12 months of graduation who have engaged in the campus’ entrepreneurship programs, competitions and centers. These grants help cover specific project-related expenses up to $1,000 (i.e. prototyping materials and project supplies) to further develop students’ entrepreneurial concepts/startups. Granted funds are intended for immediate or short-term use.

Read the full guidelines here.


Upcoming Student Start-Up Fund Cycle Schedule

Each academic quarter, the Student Startup Fund has a new allocation of funds to distribute per the schedule below. Applications are considered on a rolling basis, so it is in the best interest of the student to submit as early in the cycle as possible. Applications received after the current cycle’s funds have been exhausted will be considered for the next cycle.


Quarter | New Funding Cycle Start

Spring | March 19, 2018

Summer | July 9, 2018

Fall | October 15, 2018

Winter | January 21, 2019


Application Process

Submit an online application.




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