Event Spaces

The Beach

With its centerpiece 100-foot Hiperwall™ and state of the art A/V equipment, the Beach is truly a one-of-kind event space, perfect for hosting panel talks, conferences, networking events, awards ceremonies, and seminars.

Theater Style: 175*
Rounds of 8: 80*
Classroom Style: 100*
*The Cove’s numbers reflect capacities
based on table inventory. Rentals required
for additional seating.

Podiums with PC’s & Station Mic
Center Dais with PC’s, 5 Station Mics
Ceiling Pull Down Power
Complimentary High Speed WiFi

110ft Hiperwall Screen (16:9 NEC Monitors)
Mediasite Recorder & Built In Camera System
OS Agnostic External Device Connections
Wireless Microphones
Confidence Monitors
Event Live Streaming & Recording
Audio & Video Conferencing
Built In JBL Overhead Speakers
Music Playback
Live Social Media Feeds (Instagram & Twitter)
Direct TV Source

Screening Room

The Screening Room is an ideal space for board meetings, investor showcases and other select audience events requiring screen and A/V capabilities.

U-Shape: 45

Center podium with PC’s & Station Mic
Built in Power Outlets and USB Charging
Stations on all Tables
Ergonomic Office Chairs
Complimentary High Speed WiFi

Screen Wall with (7) 16:9 NEC monitors
Confidence Monitors
MediaSite Recorder and Built In Camera System
OS Agnostic External Device Connections
Wireless Microphones
Event Live Streaming and Recording
Audio and Video Conferencing
Built in JBL overhead speakers
Music Playback
Live Social Media Feeds (Instagram + Twitter)
Direct TV Source
Complimentary High Speed WiFi

Lab Space


Who are Cove Lab Users:
UCI students, UCI staff, Wayfinder Teams, Cove Tenant's, Base 11 and general public.
Users can sign up for daily, weekly, or monthly access.
All prototyping work is performed by the user upon receiving training on the laboratory equipment.
Cove Laboratory technical staff do not perform design work or process development.

Size: 600 sq ft

Base 11:
FDM 3D Printer: Ultimaker 2+ (qty. 3)
Laser Cutter/Engraver: Epilog Fusion M2 32 (75 W, CO2)
Vinyl Cutter: Roland CAMM-1 GS-24
Desktop Mill: Roland SRM-20
Electronics Workstations: soldering equipment, multimeters, power supplies, oscilloscopes and function generators
Open work tables
Sink & eye wash station

Size: 1600 sq ft

Base 11:
CNC: ShopBot PRSalpha Buddy 48
Molding/Casting/Composites Station: Fume extractor hood, high temperature oven

SLA 3D Printer: ProJet 1200 (qty. 2)
FDM 3D Printer: Makerbot Replicator 5th Generation
FDM 3D Printer: Ultimaker 2+
FDM 3D Printer: Ultimaker 3 (dual extrusion)
CNC: Handibot Adventure Edition v2.0
Mini-Mill: SIEG X2D
Mini-Lathe: SIEG C3
Laser Cutter/Engraver: Universal Laser Systems VLS 4.60 (60 W, CO2)
Electronics Workstations: soldering & SMT equipment, multimeters, power supplies, oscilloscopes, function generators
Inspection Microscope: Amscope Trinocular Stereo Microscope, USB microscopes
3D Scanner: Artec EVA
3D Scanner: Artec Space Spider
Hand tools, hand drill, cordless Dremel
Open work tables
Private benches (rental dependent on availability)
Computer workstations
Soundproof phone booth
Sink & eye wash station