Current Wayfinder Teams

This is a current list of teams in the Wayfinder Program. To see their elevator pitches and their presence on UCI Applied Innovation’s Central Website click here.

Wayfinder 3 Teams

Prescription eye drops for relief of pain and irritation associated with dry eye syndrome
Parthian Energy
Preparing today’s batteries to meet tomorrow’s needs. Next Generation battery systems 2x energy & 3x faster charging

Wayfinder 2 Teams

System for monetizing downloads
Charlot Biosciences
Life science tools company equipping researchers and clinicians with tools to help them identify predictive signatures of disease
Providing low-income individuals with access to free legal representation, and modest-income individuals with access to affordable legal representation through two complementary web platforms
Data intelligence platform for amusement venues to enhance guest experience
Integrated system for cell-free DNA sample preparation to increase the accuracy and efficiency of liquid biopsy
Immerse is a Virtual Reality platform that connects language students with tutors around the globe, inviting them to “immerse” in the language by practicing conversation in real (virtual) places
SaaS platform and app that helps small event organizers and business professionals network easier, faster and more efficiently
Physician discovery and medical content platform
Ops Guru
Health clinic management system to improve clinic efficiency
Seasonally Fresh
End-to-end communication infrastructure and marketplace for the agriculture industry focused on organic, LOCAL and sustainable certifications
Education and assessment company that focuses on medical procedures
Syntr Health Technologies
Therapeutic device that uses stem cells to treat diabetic foot ulcers at the point of care

Wayfinder 1 Teams

Real time data service (Dash board) for farmers and produce buyers offsetting volatility in the market, increasing profitability and decreasing food waste
Alcazar aggregates relevant property data to provide pinpoint analytics and insights to real estate professionals
Exchange for independent musicians bringing together tools from social networking and business automation – freeing the artists to pursue their passion
Closed automated system for therapeutic stem cells culture. Allows for automation of traditional manual process and limits contamination of cell culture
App that helps build a personalized career path. Helps companies with onboarding new recruits and provides job seekers with an roadmap to develop professional skills
Brevvie stands for Briefly Rent Everything. Brevvie rents catered products to apartment residents through smart lockers located within apartment buildings
Medical device that delivers oxygenated micro-nanobubbles to non-healing wounds
CarDana democratizes the charitable vehicle donation industry and brings higher net returns to the causes served by utilizing technology to reduce inefficiencies, save costs, and bring needed transparency to the entire donation experience
Campus Impressions
An application that allows students on campus to connect and share information
Cartilage Inc.
Functional cartilage products to improve patient mobility
Celebrate in a SNAP
Celebrate in a SNAP is making it simple and easy to transform your event into a memorable experience. Easily accessible party supplies for unplanned/last minute celebrations
Hospital bedside tubing stabilizer to enhance patient safety and add convenience for healthcare providers
ELF Therapeutics
Minimally invasive body contouring therapy for removing small pockets of subdermal fat that are not suitable for conventional liposuction
A cost effective and safe embryo quality assessment imaging device for in vitro fertilization
Laser wand that helps surgeons see under a patient’s skin as they remove cancer tissue
Fluxor is the mobile app that informs you of where the crowd are, in real-time
Greentech California
GTC is commercializing its co-patented research in nano based solutions to cleaning water without chemical or high energy costs
HUMBLE Technologies
A HUMBLE syringe primes an injection so quickly that people will properly prime 99.9% of the time within a few seconds
HYPE improves the hiring process by going beyond the resume and matching candidates with jobs based on behavioral tendencies, yielding happier, more productive employees
INSOLAR is a technology company that connects solar customers with the best solar panel installers at the lowest prices in the market
An app for smart devices, that facilitates vocabulary acquisition for developing readers through automatically generated quizzes based off uploaded e-texts and includes a teacher platform
New generation low cost materials for seismic protection of vibration sensitive equipment and civil infrastructure
Mind Brain Parenting
Mind Brain Parenting develops research-based learning games and courses for children, parents, and teachers to build Emotional Intelligence and social skills
NeighborING is a service platform connecting homeowners & renters (Neighbors) who need help with chores, to local background-checked college students
NOWA Innovations
NOWA provides real-time accurate respiratory disease data for patients and clinicians
Low cost and rapid production and distribution of radioactive supplies used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer
Radiofrequency device that analyzes and treats skin concerns like wrinkles and sagging through collagen regeneration. The combination of analysis and treatment offers measureable anti-aging effects
Platform that connects small business owners with quality commercial interior design talent and provides an end-to-end concierge service for the design, build out and renovation of their commercial and hospitality spaces
Ureka Sciences Inc.
A mobile platform to share, learn and grow science
Waterborne Skateboards
Skateboard part that allow users to mimic surfing on land
Platform that helps people order and rate food from micro-enterprise home kitchens
Wing is an AI powered assistant in the cloud, similar to offerings like Sir or Alexa, except, we are able to get things done, either virtually or in the real world. We offer the convenience of having a real, personal assistant at your disposal, 24/7, that can handle any day-to-day needs, all for $8.99 per month.
Zip Derm
Zipderm is an automated algorithmic-based platform for the treatment of skin conditions

Past Wayfinder Teams

70 Degrees
Information management systems for archival, preservation, and exhibition of family and corporate history
Platform that helps homeowners discover and compare different ways to sell their homes in the technological age, while acting as a lead generation platform for residential real estate companies
Apure Juice
Affordable premium, multi-ingredient juice from discounted “ugly” produce
ARTEM (Art Electronic Market) is an online platform that aims to create a community for underground artists selling their art for affordable prices
Blank LA
Mobile shopping app that helps users create personal looks and connects them to unique brands
BluAtom VR
Wireless virtual reality motion vest and gun for precise and enhanced gaming
On-demand recycling service that rewards users for recycling
Mobile application informing voters about what their representatives are doing on a day to day basis in Washington
Apps for the education and wedding industries that help people stay stress-free while increasing productivity through deadline management
Closed Loop Plastics
Plastic extrusion system that converts municipal plastic waste into useful 3D printing material
Provider of real-time artificial intelligence for medical procedures such as colonoscopy where immediate feedback is necessary for improved patient outcomes
Eater Zone
Food platform that delivers customized, authentic Chinese cuisine to college students in an engaging and affordable way
Fast and fully automated method to accurately quantify heart chambers from echocardiograms via machine learning algorithms
EpiCloud Diagnostics
Rapid, point-of-care malaria diagnostic device
Safety app that optimizes the chance of someone receiving help in threatening situations
Full-body photo booth that allows users to track fitness progress and share success stories through a collaborative platform
Platform that provides real-time analytics for drone fleet management
Portable, saliva-based cannabis consumption analyzer
Guardian Locket
Guardian Locket is a combination of hardware and software to produce a panic button for young women to utilize in the form of a standard locket
Online pharmacy for Chinese medicine
Software-based profitability solutions for dental practices
Augmented reality shopping experience that allows new car buyers to visualize, personalize, and interact with their dream cars salesperson free
iES aims to disrupt the sleep apnea diagnostic market by making the smallest highly accurate wearable sleep-tracking device using a patented EEG, EOG, and EMG sensing system
Safe, community, and neighborhood carpooling service that pairs up parents who have kids going to the same school or extracurricular program
Cloud-based fabric for engagement within user communities, including a mobile toolkit that enables situation reporting, awareness, and response
Automated, in-home glaucoma screening device
Collaborative outdoor recreational planning and routing app
Platform for contractors to competitively bid on home improvement projects posted by clients
NanoShield Biotix
Antimicrobial surface coating for healthcare and consumer applications
We are developing a disposable test for rapid stroke assessment for first responders to use on site. A lean startup, designed to expedite treatment for stroke patients and save lives.
The Web Tour, an immersive web browsing experience
Praxis BioSciences
Praxis BioSciences develops and commercializes innovative and practical biomedical technologies
App for tutors to earn money by helping students through a digital question and answer post mechanism
An app that uses augmented reality to help users see food in 3D before they order
Platform that connects TV and film producers looking to hire workers with local freelancers looking for work
Unlimited footwear subscription service based on an elevated social sharing economy
SolarLab is a simple, yet sophisticated cloud-based solar panel system design software that allows solar projects to be developed better, faster, and cheaper
Venom Aid
Snakebite anti-venom therapeutic that can be applied in a prehospital setting
Sports and fitness app that connect users to fitness partners, facilities, and events
3D brain visualization and modeling to aid surgical planning for treatment of epilepsy
Heatless, cordless hair dryer
Business-to-business wholesale marketplace for brands and retailers to improve their sales process
Yummi lets foodies keep a lifelog of food adventures by combining the utilities of a meal tracker and food finder so they can do more within one app
Ergonomic crutch device for improved support and safety
ZOOT is a gps tracker that utilizes augmented reality combined with cloud sourcing to help users locate their lost items.