Wayfinder Teams Pitch to Large Crowd for Showcase at the Cove @ UCI

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March 14, 2018 By Jackie Connor

Ten Wayfinder teams who are completing their Wayfinder cycle each gave a three-minute pitch presentation on their product or service, their milestones and next steps to more than 80 people at the annual Wayfinder Showcase at UCI Applied Innovation at the Cove @ UCI. The showcase event connects Experts in Residence (EiR) to these teams to provide feedback and advice for navigating the startup world.

The Wayfinder program currently has 40 teams and aims to open an additional program, Wayfinder II, for teams who have longer-term growth horizons (e.g., teams whose inventions require a more involved and lengthy approval process from agencies such as the FDA). These teams will be organized into specific groups according to industry and guided by industry partners.

Teams that presented:

  • Closed Loop Plastics: turns plastic pollution into 3-D printing material. This four-person team has a proprietary processing technology.
  • CarDana: democratizes the vehicle donation industry by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and web-based technologies to reduce inefficiencies, save costs and bring transparency to the entire donation experience. They currently have a partnership with Go Fund Me and have signed two charities, who received 85% of the vehicle donation funds.
  • Insolar: matches customers with installers using AI technology to find the best loan options for that person.
  • Immerse: language tutoring toolkit that will soon provide a virtual reality immersive learning experience.
  • DeraNaz Solutions: a hospital tube-aid that enhances patient safety and adds convenience for healthcare providers.
  • Shoobilee: unlimited footwear subscription for $49/month, re-gifts unwanted or returned footwear to people in need.
  • Esqalate: two separate platforms that connect low and moderate income clients who are seeking legal representation to attorneys who are willing to work for free or at a reduced rate.
  • Charlot Biosciences: improves patient outcomes by detecting treatable disease early at a better, faster rate and reduced cost.
  • OpsGuru: health clinic management system to improve clinic efficiency.
  • PeekPeek: technology that combines virtual reality with interactive web experiences to create a one-of-a-kind VR Website. Check out their tour of the Cove @ UCI.

Wayfinder currently hosts workshops every two weeks and eight pitch/networking events, such as the Wayfinder Showcase, to create connections between teams and EiRs. For more information about the program, click here.

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