Sustain OC Celebrates Earth Day with Tesla

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May 8, 2018 By Applied Innovation

At the end of April, five of the newest Tesla car models could be found glistening in the parking lot outside of the Cove @ UCI Applied Innovation, with test drivers standing by the sidelines. In celebration of Earth Day, Sustain OC partnered with Tesla to briefly present on how the company’s energy saving products work together to power homes and charge electric cars. Tesla, the world’s quickest growing sustainable car company, is reinventing the way people use energy. The company’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. With Tesla’s new powerwall, an automated system that stores energy, Tesla is doing just that.

Cullen Pochucha, Tesla energy advisor, talks about Tesla’s latest products and goals at the Cove @ UCI in April.

“On a sunny day in California, you make way more energy than you could ever use,” said Cullen Pochucha, energy advisor, Tesla. “We want people to be more independent and self-sustainable by trapping extra energy into a home battery.”

The powerwall charges itself through solar panels and makes energy available to the household all day.

“Tesla is making homes EV [electric vehicle] ready so power usage can be tracked from your smartphone, all in the palm of your hand” said Pochucha.

With its sleek look and low maintenance, the powerwall is changing the way households get their energy. Tesla experts were asked a series of questions that surrounded topics like the supercharging effects of their car battery and sourcing of their raw materials. The presentation provided a better understanding of the company’s mission and their operations.

After the talk, attendees gathered in the parking lot to test ride the Tesla Model X and Model S vehicles. Passengers experienced the ultimate thrill on less crowded streets with Tesla’s well-reputed 0-60 two-second acceleration, with stomachs in throats. Most people recounted during the infamous acceleration, being pressed against their seats by the vehicle’s pure speed.

Tesla’s Model X energy efficient cars line the parking lot at the Cove @ UCI.

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