Reduce, Reuse and Reinvent

April 9, 2019 By Grace Wood

According to the Pew Research Center, in 2016, 74 percent of U.S. adults believe the government should take measures to protect the environment. With the country’s growing interest in sustainability, there has been a rapid increase in green tech startup companies. At UCI Applied Innovation, several Wayfinder teams have made it their main focus to develop products, services and mindsets that reduce waste and/or incorporate clean energy for a healthier planet.

1. Green Tech California
Green Tech California generates nanobubbles to collect nanoparticles in water, reducing the amount of chemicals and electricity used in the water purification process. Their nanobubble method reduces the cost of water purification and limits chemical runoff, making water more accessible and sustainable on a global scale.

2. AG Tools
AG Tools has an algorithm and data system that alerts farmers and suppliers when a shipment should not be made due to uncontrollable factors such as strikes, extreme weather or political turmoil. With the current system, farmers send fruits and vegetables without knowledge of these factors. This, in turn, can lead to shipments, packaging, money and food possibly going to waste.

3. InSolar
InSolar simplifies the solar adoption process by helping customers find the right suppliers, installers and lenders, and reducing the soft costs associated with going solar by 50 percent. With cheaper and more accessible solar panels, more people can switch to sustainable energy alternatives.

By incorporating more clean energy products and services into the economy, these startup companies have the potential to reduce costs and waste, which benefits the environment. Find out more information about these Wayfinder teams and more.

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