Don’t Forget the Brain! CenSyn Aims to Commercialize Neuro MedTech Device

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August 26, 2019 By Jackie Connor

Throughout the years, biomedical research has more popularly focused on cardiac health, and, ironically, according to UCI startup company CenSyn, the brain has mostly been forgotten. Bringing brain health to front-of-mind, the startup is utilizing key resources, primarily the I-Corps program, at UCI Beall Applied Innovation to develop their company’s small medical device for measuring brain health.

CenSyn provides a quick, efficient and accessible electroencephalogram device (EEG) to monitor brain health during emergencies. The team plans to help put efficient brain monitoring into the hands of medical emergency professionals, such as emergency medical technicians and paramedics.

UCI startup company CenSyn at BioEngine’s Biomedical Device Design Symposium event at the Cove @ UCI Beall Applied Innovation. Photo courtesy: CenSyn

“There’s a big technology gap where doctors don’t have the data they need to do certain kinds of diagnoses, or even ambulances lack the data to actually know what’s going on in the brain,” said Ayushi Patel, CenSyn co-founder and CEO. “That’s why we wanted to come up with a product, which ambulances, hospitals and emergency rooms can use to get data and give the right kind of treatment.”

Their handheld device rapidly reads electroencephalogram (EEG) signals, or signals given off by electrical activity produced by the brain. And, unlike the current market’s typical EEG machine often limited to hospitals and medical clinics due to its large size, their device is small, portable and provides results within one to two minutes.

“When someone is in an ‘altered mental state’ caused by different conditions, like seizures or stroke, our device will enable medical professionals to more quickly screen and administer treatments to prevent the onset of these conditions,” said Andy Bhushan, CenSyn co-founder.

In May, CenSyn joined Applied Innovation’s I-Corps program, a real-world, hands-on market discovery program at Applied Innovation that enables UCI innovators to discover more about their product’s place in the market.

“There’s a fresh set of ears listening to what you ask, it’s a new perspective,” said Patel. “The I-Corps program can help with your approach and also provide connections, it really pushes you to develop your prototype.”

Since enrolling in the program, the startup won the “Win the Future” track in the New Venture Competition, received a BioEngine Fellowship award, has joined Applied Innovation’s Wayfinder program and is considering joining the I-Corps program for a second time to further develop their prototype.

“I think it’s so important to understand what your customers want,” said Bhushan. “It’s good to have something very innovative, but if the customer doesn’t want it, then there’s really no point. The I-Corps program helps connect the businesses and the customers. That’s why it’s important. That’s why I recommend it to any startup.”

Find out more information about the I-Corps program at Applied Innovation.

Cover: Ayushi Patel, CenSyn co-founder and CEO and Andy Bhushan, CenSyn co-founder
Photo by: Rthura Cevallos


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