UCI Startup Company Waterborne Skateboards Technology Goes Global

Making Waves
November 13, 2019 By Jackie Connor

Penny Skateboards, a company based in Australia, just launched a new line utilizing patented technology from UCI Beall Applied Innovation startup company Waterborne Skateboards.

The patented technology can now be found in Penny Skateboards High-Line Surfskate, a recently premiered line of specialized skateboards that provides the rider with the feeling of surfing a wave.

“The partnership will benefit Waterborne in two ways: one is revenue that I can use to scale Waterborne’s image and our own operation and the other is the halo effect that we have by having our name on a product as big as this,” said Patrick Dumas, Waterborne CEO and UC Irvine undergraduate. “The Penny High-Line is going to be sold globally, and in numbers that we couldn’t dream of doing on our own.”

Photo courtesy of Penny Skateboards

The High-Line Surfskate features Waterborne’s logo and uses Dumas’ Surf Adapter (which fits onto any skateboard deck) to replicate the feeling of surfing on a skateboard, complete with tighter and faster curves.

Waterborne joined UCI Beall Applied Innovation’s Wayfinder program in 2016 and subsequently led a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $42,000 in 22 days. Additionally, in 2018 Dumas received the Maschoff Brennan Innovator Scholarship for outstanding innovation. Dumas has set up a warehouse in Costa Mesa, California, where, in between classes at UCI, he continues to tinker with new ideas to progress his startup.

“For Waterborne, we hope to branch out beyond the Surf Adapter, new technologies, new segments of boarding,” said Dumas. “The goal is to make Waterborne associated with all different board sports, not just skateboarding and surfing.

Find out more about Waterborne Skateboards.

*Main photo courtesy of Penny Skateboards

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