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March 16, 2021 By Ethan Perez

UCI Beall Applied Innovation’s Wayfinder program provides resources that help startups launch, grow and succeed.

UCI Beall Applied Innovation offers a no-cost, six-month-long, highly structured incubator program for startups affiliated with the University of California system, including those with members who are faculty, students, staff or alumni. The Wayfinder program, located at the Cove @ UCI in UCI Research Park, takes no equity and provides entrepreneurs with essential resources needed to take their companies from formation to funding.

With admittance, Wayfinder program participants are allowed access to a collaborative workspace – once campus is reopened – where they can work on their startups and take meetings. They will also have the opportunity to attend tailored workshops on topics relevant to building a business, participate in unique networking opportunities to meet potential mentors and investors, and access the Cove Prototyping Lab. The Cove Prototyping Lab includes 3D printers, laser-cutting machines, manual and automatic machining equipment and an extensive electronics station for building circuit boards. Base 11, a national organization out to solve the growing STEM talent pipeline crisis which is exacerbated by the underrepresentation of women and minorities, partnered with Applied Innovation to donate funds and equipment to the lab. In addition, participants can take advantage of the Innovation Advisor network, a network of experienced business professionals from varying fields and disciplines who volunteer their knowledge and expertise to provide meaningful guidance.

Illustration of Cynthia Kirkeby, Founder of Adaptifyed

“One of the most valuable parts of the Wayfinder program is the mentor program. It is made up of an amazing group of knowledgeable individuals with a wealth of expertise. They have given us invaluable feedback and unique insights; they have assisted us with connections to industry experts and extended opportunities to attend special events that would have been beyond our reach otherwise. We are so thankful to all of the Wayfinder mentors who have helped us along the way.”
– Cynthia Kirkeby, Founder of Adaptifyed

Illustration of Josh Mundell, Founder & CEO of NeighborING

“The Wayfinder program has provided a collaborative workspace to test my ideas and work alongside peers who provide amazing feedback, who I otherwise would have not met.”
– Josh Mundell, Founder & CEO of NeighborING







Illustration of Amy von Kaenel, Founder & CEO of VolunteerCrowd

“Because the Wayfinder program takes no equity, I was able to maintain ownership as my company grew. Yet, I received incredible value in the form of legal, strategic marketing, funding, and partnership mentorship … all tangible contributions to VolunteerCrowd’s success.”
– Amy von Kaenel, Founder & CEO of VolunteerCrowd














Illustration of Anthony Glenn, Founder & CEO of CarDana

“The Wayfinder program has been, and continues to be, a valuable source of cutting-edge business information, tactics and subject matter experts – all of which have meaningfully contributed to our success!”
– Anthony Glenn, Founder & CEO of CarDana











Illustration of Jenny Woo, Founder & CEO of Mind Brain Parenting

“Thanks to the Wayfinder program, my company gained valuable feedback from subject matter experts that informed the direction of my products and roadmap. I’m grateful for the thoughtful support and ongoing accountability built into the program.”
– Jenny Woo, Founder & CEO of Mind Brain Parenting

Illustration of Tim Murphy, Co-founder of Brevvie

“I didn’t know how to pitch before we went through the Wayfinder program, and that pitching format has changed the way that I conduct business internally at my day job and I’ve been far more successful.”
– Tim Murphy, Co-founder of Brevvie














At Applied Innovation, individuals can work toward their own inclusive Modern American Dream and build their own futures with help from the Wayfinder program.

Learn more about the Wayfinder program and its eligibility requirements.

Illustrations: Julie Kennedy, UCI Beall Applied Innovation

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