Capital Markets Expert Offers Advice During Making Waves: Entrepreneur Conversations

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April 1, 2021 By Ethan Perez

UC Irvine (UCI) Beall Applied Innovation recently hosted Frederick Royall III, entrepreneur and corporate executive in commercial banking at JPMorgan Chase & Co., as part of Making Waves: Entrepreneurial Conversations, a quarterly series sponsored by UPS.

At each event in the speaker series, entrepreneurs from the local community and around the world share their stories, explore topics relevant to entrepreneurs and inspire the next great idea.

Host Richard Sudek, executive director at Applied Innovation and UCI chief innovation officer, welcomed Royall, who shared insights from over two decades of helping diverse businesses gain access to capital as an entrepreneur and a senior level corporate executive.

While Royall has had a distinguished career in capital markets, much of his success can be traced back to his own perseverance. After not being selected for a position at a wealth management company following his undergraduate studies, Royall sought feedback from the recruiter and worked toward tailoring his experience to meet the needs, which eventually got him the position later on.

“A key thing about the professional journey is even when things don’t go your way, ask questions, get feedback,” said Royall. “That was probably the first story that really crystallized the importance of not giving up – if you really want something, do all that you can to achieve your goals.”

From helping companies go public, to launching his own minority-owned investment bank, Royall Capital Holdings, to now serving as a Business Development Executive at JPMorgan Chase & Co. where he identifies new opportunities with women- and minority-owned businesses, Royall has nearly seen and done it all. And while he remains focused on driving new business, he emphasizes the business and societal importance of offering guidance to those who need it.

“I’m very focused on being a mentor, meeting with students, or professionals early in their career, helping them navigate, bringing them to meetings that they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to attend,” said Royall. “And I have a duty – I need to be there for the next generation.”

Before closing, Royall provided advice that all entrepreneurs can internalize about what leads more frequently to success in accessing capital for small businesses.

“There is no substitute for hard work,” said Royall. “That is far and away the most important thing – it’s not necessarily the smartest person, but the person who works hardest.”

Watch the full event and find out more about Applied Innovation’s upcoming and past events.

Main graphic: Kate Wokowsky
Photo courtesy of: Frederick Royall

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