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June 9, 2021 By Sandra Flores

The ANTrepreneur Center’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship internship provides UC Irvine students with the necessary stepping stones to further their entrepreneurial goals.

Throughout the UC Irvine (UCI) campus community, innovative ideas and talented students help make the community thrive and reach new heights. The ANTrepreneur Center hosts a plethora of these forward-thinking Anteaters and now many students are continuing their journeys through the Innovation & Entrepreneurship internship program.

UC Irvine ANTrepreneur Center on UCI campus on a sunny day

UC Irvine’s ANTrepreneur Center is located on campus and is a source for any UCI student who is interested in entrepreneurship. Photo: Julie Kennedy, UCI Beall Applied Innovation

The Center’s newest internship caters to young minds by providing a 10-week guide through the psychology of an entrepreneur. This includes providing guidance on the research and structure needed to build a startup, how to deliver clear and concise pitches, and understanding other tools necessary for any person interested in the world of entrepreneurship.

“Our purpose is to deliver as much knowledge as we can, while students are building their business model at the same time,” said Jaune Odombrown, ANTrepreneur Center manager and creator of the internship program. “Once they’re done with that, we go straight into business model development, which is where we take their ideas that they were able to come up with and see the feasibility of it.”

black man in a red sweater smiles while standing in front of a building holding his hands behind his back

Jaune Odombrown, UCI ANTrepreneur Center manager, stands in front of the ANTrepreneur Center, located on campus. Photo: Julie Kennedy

Students have access to innovation advisors from UCI Beall Applied Innovation and the ANTrepreneur Center to help offer advice and guidance in each student’s respective fields of interest. Additionally, students receive course credit for completing the program, as it is an approved course under University Studies 193, a class offered by UCI that provides students with the ability to gain credit from on- or off-campus internships.

“When you’re in the program with your cohort, it’s a really tight bond,” said Odombrown. “Each and every single one of us are helping each other at the same time and those who are a little further along can share their experiences, as well. It’s a very different type of program since it’s not very academic at all. It is entrepreneurial within its core.”

white man wearing a blue shirt stands outside smiling next to an Asian woman wearing an orange shirt who is smiling standing in front of the ANTrepreneur Center

Part of the internship’s first cohort, Bryce Lindsey, UCI student entrepreneur and founder and CEO of startup Spraywell and Connie Wu, UCI student entrepreneur and founder and CEO of startup Flourish separately stand in front of the ANTrepreneur Center. Photo: Julie Kennedy

Bryce Lindsey and Connie Wu are two students who were part of the internship’s first cohort and are continuing with their startups. Lindsey, now a UCI alumni, is the founder and CEO of Spraywell, a Wayfinder startup that created a hand sanitizer dispenser that attaches to the back of most smartphones. Wu is the founder and CEO of Flourish, which consists of programs offering better resources to help eighth through twelfth graders construct a pathway through their education and better prepare for their future. Wu plans to pilot the programs this summer.

Odombrown says he’s confident more students will be able to find success through the internship as long as they have the desire to thrive and move forward with their ideas.

Pull quote about life long skills featuring Jaune Odombrown with blue quotation mark

“It’s a program that is going to help you develop in every aspect of your life,” said Odombrown. “At the end of the day, you’ll have lifelong skills that you can activate in any environment that you’re in. Whether it’s working for a company, mentoring your younger sibling, or owning your own company.”

To apply for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship internship program, email

Photos & Graphics: Julie Kennedy, UCI Beall Applied Innovation

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