RTG Fellowship

RTG Fellowship

The Research Translation Group (RTG) offer graduate students, post docs, or professional students at UCI a hands-on introduction to university technology transfer and intellectual property management. Under the direction of a Licensing Officer at RTG, fellows will assist the office in conducting technology assessments, prior art searches, writing invention summaries, and initiating market research of UCI inventions. This opportunity gives fellows experience analyzing innovative technologies, and an understanding of the patenting and commercialization processes, while providing an excellent resource to the UCI inventor community.

This fellowship is part-time and paid. Applications are accepted year-round based on our need for additional fellows.



  • UCI graduate-level (Ph.D., M.S., M.B.A., M.D. or J.D.) student or postdoctoral scholar
  • Student should have completed at least one year of graduate studies, and, if a Ph.D. student, have passed their qualifying exams
  • Scientific background in the life sciences, physical sciences, engineering, computer sciences, or medicine
  • Must have excellent written communication
  • Ability to adhere to deadlines



  • Submit resume and questionnaire to rtg@uci.edu
  • Download questionnaire here: http://www.ota.uci.edu/top-menu/forms/intern-questionnaire.docx
  • Applicants invited for interviews will be assigned a short case study to be completed within 1 week
  • Approval from faculty advisor, if fellow is a graduate student or postdoc. Postdocs may be required to reduce their appointment if adding this fellowship would bring them over 100% appointment
  • Ability to devote 5-8 hours per week to the program (some assignments may be completed remotely)
  • Minimum six month commitment


Current RTG Fellows

Stefan Brooks

Rebekah Dyer

Mohammed Fouda

Hamsa Gowda

Victoria Lim

Sanjana Sen

Caitlin Suire

Megha Unhelkar


Past RTG Fellows

Viera Crosignani, Ph.D.

Geetha Durairaj, Ph.D.

Inez Falcon, Ph.D.

Candice Gellner, Ph.D.

Claire Gilpin, Ph.D.

Stephanie Hachey, Ph.D.

Emon Heidari, Ph.D.

Jessica Hsieh, Ph.D.

Ahmed Khorshid

Connie Lee

David Mallin, Ph.D.

Sara Pennebaker, J.D.

Maysam Pessian, J.D.

Carol Pham, Ph.D.

Kate Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Richard Shin

Anand Surendrarao, Ph.D.