Develop your startup from formation to funding

Connecting UC-affiliated startups with essential resources needed to launch, grow and succeed.

Why Participate in Wayfinder?

Once accepted into the Wayfinder incubator, you’ll have access to critical resources, at no cost, to grow your startup, including:

Work the way you like, whether that’s in an open, collaborative workspace or a conference room

Office Hours
From lawyers to investors, regular office hours give you access to the expertise you need

Guidance and Mentorship
Gain insight and feedback through structured check-ins and from our Innovation Advisors

Lab Access
Use any of our high-tech labs to test and develop your prototypes

Participate in exclusive discovery workshops on subjects related to your startup

Connect with entrepreneurial experts, business leaders, technology gurus, angel investors and venture capitalists

During the Six Month Program, Teams Will:


In order to tailor our program to suit your needs, we begin by listening to your challenges and desired outcome


You’ll have the opportunity to connect with experienced mentors who will work closely with you throughout the program and enhance your experience


Your team will participate in exclusive discovery workshops on subjects relative to your endeavor, providing you powerful tools and strategic insights


Your team will receive strategic guidance and quality feedback at both the midpoint and end of your cycle


Our final showcase event sets the stage for you to pitch to the UCI Beall Applied Innovation community, potential investors and other interested parties


Essential Characteristics
Successful applicants will exhibit the following characteristics:

  • the startup has a basic understanding of its current business model and is able to effectively communicate it
  • the startup addresses a real problem or customer need and will offer a product/service that is unique or hard to duplicate
  • the startup can demonstrate that it has initiated the process of customer discovery by testing customer reactions to its business model hypotheses
  • team members have sufficient bandwidth and the ability to commit the time necessary to actively participate in the Wayfinder program


Prior to approaching UCI Beall Applied Innovation and applying to Wayfinder, it is expected that your startup team has engaged extensively with other entrepreneurial support resources available through UCI schools, centers and programs. Your team will be evaluated for fit based on progress goals, program expectations and mentoring needs.


To be considered, your team must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • use UC-owned intellectual property as a core part of the startup’s business idea
  • have at least one active team member (co-founder/member of the management team) who is a current UC faculty, student, staff or alumnus (degree program or minimum completion of 16 units).

In some unique cases, exceptions may be made for non-UCI students whose existing university’s entrepreneurial offerings are for some reason insufficient.

If your startup does not have a UC affiliation, please reach out to us, we may be able to connect you with a UCI Master of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MIE) student looking to join a startup:

June 6, 2021

Cycle 20 Application Deadline

Runs July - December 2021

October 3, 2021

Cycle 21 Application Deadline

Runs November 2021 - April 2022

January 30, 2022

Cycle 22 Application Deadline

Runs March - August 2022

Applications for Cycle 20 are Due June 6, 2021

Wayfinder is offered three times per calendar year. Each team is admitted for one cycle, approximately six months long, with the possibility of cycle renewal. While cycles exist to create a shared experience among teams and allow for calendar alignment, each individual team’s experience and respective progress targets are customized.

Your application will be reviewed on or after the June 6, 2021 application deadline.

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Wayfinder Teams

Adaptifyed logo. Dinosaur with robotic arms.

System for monetizing downloads.

Aditt Logo.

ADDIT is a music and advertisement application that exposes rideshare riders to brands while providing incremental income to rideshare drivers. Brands directly connect with their target audience, drivers earn income from advertisement, and riders have an enhanced rideshare experience.

agtools wayfinder logo
AGTools Inc.

Worldwide award-winning ML/AI SaaS global food & agricultural financial intelligence data for the food and AG worldwide supply chain. Offering trusted official data from around the world, in real-time data for farmers and buyers to manage market volatility, increase profitability and reduce the world’s food waste.


Alcazar is a robo-adviser designed to increase the efficiency of professionals in the mortgage and real estate industry by providing pinpoint analytics and insights on client portfolios to create new business opportunities.


A medical device company that provides an easy-to-use liquid material that significantly reduces the risk associated with catheter-based therapies for vascular diseases or brain tumors.

Artistree Music Logo. Features a Tree with roots shown, and the logo underneath it.
Artistree Music, LLC

Artistree Music offers the busy professional a subscription-based SaaS platform that provides a community to meet, create and play with others of similar experience and tastes.

123 baby box wayfinder logo
123 Baby Box

123 Baby Box is a monthly subscription service for babies aged 0-3. We deliver products tailored to your baby's age and developmental stage.

Biomentum Biotecnologia black logo

Biomentum is developing biotechnology-based medical devices that heal deep wounds twice as fast as current treatments without the need of specialized equipment or facilities.


In the current practice of cell therapy, there is high chance for contamination during manufacturing. BioPico Systems, Inc. eliminates such risks by developing a closed culture system.

BluPrint logo. Shapes forming B and P.

BluPrint guarantees interviews to job seekers who complete pre-employment training for companies on their platform.


Brevvie rents household goods through a mobile app and smart lockers located in apartment building and stores. Better than owning. Better for you. Better for the world.

CarDana logo. Shapes form C and D.

CarDana provides a transparent, efficient, and ethical charitable car donation process that opens a source of revenue to ALL charities, while netting those charities a higher return.

cartilage inc. wayfinder logo
Cartilage Inc.

Cartilage Inc. creates 100% biological and mechanically robust cartilage regeneration products that are capable of healing both large and small cartilage defects without the limitations of current treatments, eliminating the need for further treatments and improving patient quality of life.


CBio builds rapid field-based diagnostic tools to help doctors track viral, bacteria, and serological immune biomarkers to accurately triage disease management.

CenSyn logo. Brain with circuits.

CenSyn develops handheld brain monitoring devices, like electroencephalograms, to allow for preliminary screening of brain disorders in emergency situations.

coast startup wayfinder logo

Coast is a social day trip app to share your excursions with friends while discovering destinations along the way.

Current Surgical

Precise surgical tool for the treatment of early stage solid tumors.

Digerini Wayfinder owl with a shield and iphone logo

We provide the first "AI" supported virtual assistant that manages all incoming mobile calls and text messages. Providing peace of mind and security to parents with teens, the elderly and busy people who hate the constant interruptions from unwanted communication.

eLysis logo
eLysis Inc.

eLysis Inc. is an aesthetics medicine startup commercializing a non-surgical approach for precision body contouring and facial sculpting.

globa sport logo

Globasport is a free sports networking platform that provides a feature-rich platform that connects players, coaches and others within the sports community

Greentech California

GreenTech California develops water treatment systems that significantly reduce chemical and electricity costs for large-scale water treatment plants while protecting our environment from pollutants. The company uses proprietary nanobubble technology to prevent scaling and biofilm forming in pipes and filters.

grow up wayfinder logo
Grow Up

We are developing the first fully automated plant-based milk maker in the market. A device that can brew more than 10 different kinds of plant-based milk with just water and a plant-base, such as nuts, seeds and oats.

Hydroflow wayfinder logo

Hydroflow is a smart bottle cap and phone application that allows users to automatically track their water intake, set personalized daily goals, and receive customized reminders to manage their hydration. It's compatible with leading bottle brands and allows users to integrate long-term health data with other popular fitness apps.

Infraderm Wayfinder Logo

InfraDerm develops noninvasive skin imaging solutions for dermatology and skin treatment efficacy assessment.


Network easier, faster and more efficiently inside and outside of events with digital business cards and CRM tools.


INSOLAR is a technology company that connects solar customers with the best solar panel installers at the lowest prices in the market.

IQH Logo
IQHi Inc.

Data collection and AI enabled analysis software for effective production of Lithium ion batteries. IQHI streamlines battery operation data facilitating the analysis from development to maintenance and quality control.

JeniVision Inc. Wayfinder eye logo
JeniVision Inc.

JeniVision is a biopharmaceutical startup developing therapies for ocular diseases including glaucoma and ocular irritation due to dry eye.

Journeymxn Wayfinder compass logo

Matchmaking high-school students with information about skilled-trade careers and providing qualified leads to local community college trade and vocational programs.

leafpack wayfinder logo

LeafPack is replacing single-use plastics with items made of 100% natural materials that are perfect for waste-management and biodegrade in nature (zero toxic plastic pollution).

Metaseismic logo. Capital META.

METAseismic is advancing a paradigmatic shift in seismic protection:  innovative material optimized to absorb vibrations and protect fragile infrastructure.

Mind Brain Parenting logo. Child and adult heads in lightbulbs touch.
Mind Brain Parenting

We develop quality emotional intelligence programming for K-16. Our award-winning games are used by parents, teachers, and therapists in 40+ countries.

Modern Syndicate

Modern Syndicate is a lending platform that allows small business to access funds from their local communities to support their growth.

myHealthToday Logo

A personalized voice assistant for senior adults with chronic conditions. It serves as a virtual companion to help them manage their health at home.


NeighborING connects people, who need help with chores and tasks, with college students. Chores get done and students earn money in their free time.


We help academic support programs improve student retention and graduation rates with our study session management system for students to easily conduct study sessions and tutoring on campus.

OneBoard Wayfinder Startup Logo

Teachers need a real-time platform to share documents, presentations, and information with remote students. OneBoard is a content-creation and sharing platform capable of streaming art, text and media to large audiences with little lag.

Project Unicorn

Project Unicorn is a mobile application that allows early-stage founders to connect with a compatible early-stage investor.


Purist is developing a technology to enable a distributed network of small-scale and underutilized nuclear reactors to produce high purity radioisotopes for nuclear medicine and imaging applications.


RebeccaTech produces Nebulyft, a radio frequency based beauty device for skin care at home.

Recreate Energy Logo
Recreate Energy

Recreate Energy is an energy technology company aiming to redefine algae biofuels by implementing modular bioreactors alongside advanced conversion methods, resulting in renewable crude oil and increased algae production per acre at a lower cost.

Seasonally Fresh Inc.

Seasonally Fresh is a SaaS platform for the Agtech food industry that simplifies the sourcing of certified foods.

SimRated logo. SR in red circle.

Simulation training and assessment platform for medical procedures.

Speckle Logo. Features circles intertwining in blue and purple

Speckle is a mobile application designed to improve public speaking skills. It serves as a speaking platform to learn, practice and interact with the community.

Syringe Pro logo

SyringePro is an ergonomic solution to alleviate injector hand strain while maintaining injection precision. Used in medical, veterinary, and laboratory spaces.

UnoKiwi logo. Single kiwi fruit in box.

UnoKiwi a software startup that allows graphic designers and social media influencers to monetize by rapidly prototyping and merchandising custom art on trending clothing.

Ureka logo. Infinite knot made of colors
Ureka Sciences Inc

Web and mobile platform for research and scientist to keep up with the literature in all branches of science, share research results, generate new ideas, and form new collaborations.

Violux logo. Three shapes form a V

Violux is a simple-to-use, table-top appliance that destroys 99.9% of bacteria utilizing ultraviolet light deployed in an innovative design.

Volunteer Crowd, two hands reach across a square academics cap
Volunteer Crowd

VolunteerCrowd finds academic-related volunteer opportunities to inspire students, and helps them build a service transcript to impress colleges and employers.

Wave Wearable Logo. In Blue
Wave Wearable

Wave Wearable helps users eliminate wrist pain with a high-tech wrist brace and digital therapy application.

Wing logo. Blue line forms W and human shape.

Wing is the college student's AI powered assistant. We plan tasks and use Independent Contractors & third-parties to execute tasks in ~15 min, affordably.