OpsGuru’s COMPAS Technology Cuts Clinic Wait Times

November 15, 2018 By Grace Wood

In a busy clinic, patients might often spend hours waiting to receive medical care. Imagine reducing those wait times by 32 percent. This is what startup company OpsGuru plans to implement in clinics across the nation.

The company’s proprietary technology reduces patient wait times in clinics through its patient tracking and evaluative technology called the Clinical Operations Management & Patient Analytics System (COMPAS). Originally created for UCI Health, this system acts as a virtual map that monitors patients within a healthcare facility and serves as OpsGuru’s core technology. COMPAS shows doctors and nurses their patient’s location within the facility and monitors the clinic to show underutilization of resources.

OpsGuru was founded by Mike Glover, OpsGuru tech advisor, and Curtis Hendrick, OpsGuru innovation advisor, after working with UCI Health to reduce industry-wide clinical inefficiencies and lack of metrics and monitoring.

“I would love to see this tool allow all healthcare organizations to become more efficient, allow them to see more patients and provide better quality for them,” said Hendrick.

With the success of COMPAS at UCI Health, the OpsGuru team was encouraged to pursue a patent and eventually met with Doug Crawford, senior licensing officer at UCI Applied Innovation. Shortly after meeting with Crawford, OpsGuru became part of UCI Applied Innovation and joined the I-Corps and Wayfinder programs, as well as participated in the UCI New Venture Competition.

“I think we would be absolutely lost without the Cove or Applied Innovation,” said Hendrick. “They have assisted us with everything from licensing to the intellectual property aspects. They also connected us to Jeff Greenberg, our CEO, who’s really carrying the company forward.”

Word of OpsGuru’s disruptive technology has gone beyond UCI Health and they eventually hope to remedy complex efficiency issues in hospitals nationwide. With team expansion, OpsGuru can achieve its core goal—help patients get the care they need in a timely manner.

“Like most startups, it’s been slower than we anticipated or wanted, but we have definitely made progress and generated interest in the system,” Greenberg said.

To learn more about OpsGuru, visit their website.

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