Wing Soars Into App Launch

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February 11, 2020 By Grace Wood

The Wing team collaborates in the Cove facilities.

Computer assistants used to be a fantasy only available in movies, but artificial intelligence (AI) has made them a reality. Just ask Wing, a Wayfinder team that uses AI to help customers complete daily tasks. The UCI startup took the next step in growing their company with their app launch this month for users in the Southern California region.

For $9.99 a month, Apple and Android users can ask the AI-powered Wing app for almost anything with the click of a button. Upon sign-up, users enter secured information, such as home addresses, credit card numbers and general preferences, which allows Wing to locate relevant services and carry them out without much user involvement. Additionally, the app provides a Categories section where users can browse through a multitude of products and services to get a better idea of what they want.

After three months of beta testing, Wing now features personal elements like “habits,” which suggest scheduling services based on user behavior, such as a weekly food order.

“We want to bring this idea of convenience and simplicity to businesses, and especially to consumers,” said Martin Gomez, chief operating officer. “It’s really changing the idea of what a futuristic assistant would look like in our society.”

So far, Wing has networked with local businesses throughout Southern California, partnering up on one-offs as well as recurring services, such as house painting or dry cleaning and several other home services. They have also partnered with a large delivery company to efficiently bring and pick up items for customers.

Wing’s network will grow with customer demands. For example, if several customers want animal grooming services, the Wing team will reach out to those businesses. The website also allows companies to sign up for Wing on their own.

“We’re trying to build a company that’s actually trying to save people time as opposed to a fun little wiki,” said Karan Kanwar, CEO. “At least, from my experience, time is the most powerful treasure that we don’t really get back in our day-to-day.”

Wing’s time at the Cove, UCI Beall Applied Innovation’s headquarters, helped make the launch possible. The team credits guidance from Innovation Advisors and fellow entrepreneurs with helping them grow and develop their market strategy. The cross-functional workspace also presented Wing with outside perspectives and a partnership with NeighborING, a fellow service-oriented Wayfinder team.

Looking forward, the Wing team plans to spread across the United States, making key network connections along the way with different businesses. Their ultimate goal is to become, what they call, a free “do engine,” a no brainer application that everyone can use to save time and get stuff done.

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*All photos courtesy of Wing

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