Cove Partner ENP Thinks There’s No Innovation without Collaboration

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May 5, 2020 By Grace Wood

Cove partner Executive Next Practices Institute (ENP), located at the Cove @ UCI, likes to predict the future … of business trends, that is. 

The organization brings together its network of C-Suite executives to collaborate on trending global topics – like revenue generation, data privacy, block chain and more – to invent new ways of solving common issues and utilizing business resources.

“We started this because there was not an association where they looked at innovation closely in terms of the emerging trends and things that are unseen in the marketplace that will impact us,” said Scott Hamilton, president and CEO of ENP. “We talked about pandemics three or four years ago, not realizing there would be this situation, but certainly what might happen in a scenario like this.” 

A typical ENP meeting consists of a TEDx-style talk with a subject matter expert followed by a discussion amongst leaders about how they can apply what they learned to their business. ENP also hosts summits for a more in-depth look at certain topics.

Although stay-at-home orders have temporarily halted ENP’s in-person meetings, the organization has adapted quickly and switched most of their events to virtual. The group recently hosted “Paths to the Next Normal: Collective Ideation, Innovation & Culture for Adaptation” to help entrepreneurs examine their options during quarantine.

Hamilton views the transition to virtual as an opportunity to connect with a broader audience. Now ENP’s network of Southern California innovators can collaborate with an international group of C-Suite executives in peer-to-peer forums and information sessions. 

When in-person events do start returning to the Cove @ UCI, UCI Beall Applied Innovation will provide ENP with a location for their gatherings along with direct access to the Cove team, entrepreneurs, executives and other Orange County business leaders. 

For more information about industry’s “next practices,” check out ENP’s events. 

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*Main graphic: Julie Kennedy, UCI Beall Applied Innovation

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