Wayfinder Startup Violux Launches Smart UVC Light Disinfection Device

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October 15, 2020 By Kaitlin Aquino

Wayfinder startup Violux recently announced the launch of its products, Luma and Luma Pro, the world’s first smart ultraviolet light disinfection devices. Violux aspires to make households around the U.S. just a little bit safer with UVC light technology that kills up to 99.99 percent of germs, viruses and bacteria.

“We created Violux because we were tired of living in fear and tired of seeing our friends and communities live in fear,” said Sean Clottu, Violux CEO and co-founder. “There’s all this angst with the current pandemic … and we realized there was a need for a [disinfection] product like this. That’s when we decided to create it ourselves.”

The lab-certified, microwave-sized Luma and Luma Pro can simultaneously disinfect multiple high-touch objects, such as laptops, keys, water bottles, phones and wallets, between one and three minutes. Unlike other methods of disinfection or sanitization, such as bleach and alcohol wipes, Violux products are chemical free and safe for disinfecting food.

“UVC light has been used in the food processing industry and the beverage industry for decades to quickly and safely disinfect produce and beverages,” said Clottu.

Both Luma and Luma Pro also employ a unique sensor-driven smart technology that allows users to check if the devices are working properly, such as if one needs a bulb replacement. This can be handled from the Violux mobile app.

“This is an invisible technology,” said Clottu. “There is no physical [sign] the user can see that it actually worked the way it was supposed to. So we have a companion mobile app to inform the user that the device is working [as it should be].”

While Clottu understands that the Luma and Luma Pro are not the only means of guarding against viruses and bacteria, he hopes to streamline current at-home disinfection practices with Violux products.

“This is not the only technology that’s going to be able to give someone peace of mind, but we want to be part of whatever that cleaning routine is,” said Clottu. “You’re still going to have to use bleaching wipes for surfaces, you’re still going to have to wash your hands, you’re still going to have to wear a mask. But this technology can be one of those things that can help bring communities back together.”

The company also launched its Indiegogo campaign last month.

Learn more about Violux.

Photo courtesy of: Violux

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