Facebook Dubs Immerse VR App a “Featured Title” for Oculus Quest 2

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November 5, 2020 By Kaitlin Aquino

Facebook recently chose the language teaching app created by Immerse to be a featured educational title for its newest virtual reality (VR) headset, the Oculus Quest 2.

Immerse is a Wayfinder startup that uses VR technology to take language learners out of the online and physical classroom into more hands-on learning experiences to give them the conversational practice they need.

The Quest 2 features redesigned Touch Controllers with hand-tracking and improved battery life, a 50 percent increase in pixels for better display and a new soft head strap for maximum user comfort. The wireless headset also costs $100 less than the original Quest, its $399 predecessor. This reduced price will make VR technology more accessible to gamers, language students, and other VR enthusiasts.

“The Quest 2 is a quantum leap forward for the VR industry,” said Quinn Taber, Immerse co-founder and CEO. “Now, with six degrees of freedom, our students are able to walk around the virtual scene, pick up and play with objects, and collaborate with fellow students better than ever before.”

Demands for remote forms of education, such as VR, are high due to the COVID-19 pandemic. VR is one of the only ways students can safely learn outside the online and traditional classroom setting.

“While the entire education industry is forced to pivot to Zoom, we believe now is the time to completely hop-skip past 2D webinars and embrace the best collaborative technology 2020 has to offer,” said Taber. “Compared to Zoom, VR allows students to feel a true sense of embodiment, visit popular American locations for true immersive learning, and best of all, gamify the learning experience so that it is both entertaining and educational.”

Immerse continues to reach new heights and recently announced the close of their Series A funding round in which they raised $1.5 million.

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Photo courtesy of: Immerse

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