Research Translation

Fostering the evolution of UCI’s fundamental research into products with real-world impact is the primary focus of the Research Translation Group (RTG) at Applied Innovation. With offices at the Cove @ UCI, RTG provides a complete suite of capabilities, including processing invention disclosures, patenting innovation, and connecting industry partners with relevant opportunities. The Invention Transfer Group (ITG) is a significant component of RTG, tasked with helping university faculty, physicians and researchers understand and navigate the translation of their discoveries.

The Research Translation Group (RTG) is a business-friendly gateway for those interested in licensing UCI IP.


Ronnie Hanecak, Ph.D.

Senior Director of Licensing

Alvin Viray, J.D.

Associate Director of Licensing

Casie Kelly, Ph.D.

Assistant Director of Licensing

Doug Crawford

Senior Licensing Officer

Benjamin Chu, Ph.D.

Senior Licensing Officer

Michael Harpen, J.D.

Licensing Officer

Steven Huyn, Ph.D.

Senior Licensing Officer

Richard Tun, Ph.D., J.D.

Senior Licensing Officer

Maria Tkachuk, Ph.D.

Licensing Officer

Stephen Ro, Ph.D.

Technology Manager

Eric J. Alcantara, J.D.

Senior Patent Prosecution Analyst

Sue Yi

IP Data & Finance Manager

Flor de Maria Hall

Licensing Analyst & IP Records Manager

Lisa Stutts, Ph.D.

IP Marketing Analyst & Fellowship Program Manager

Kristina Cabran

Licensing Analyst, Agreement Compliance
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